Milk Thistle and Lavender 
Is a catalyzing and releasing essence that helps to move out anger, resentment, and closures around the heart that are blocking you from feeling open to love, forgiveness or intimacy. 
Borage and Dahlia 
Brings a surge of courage so that you can move forward in your life with more daring and bravery. This Flower Essence brings energy from the root upwards, bringing vitality and upliftment.
White Rose and Baby Breathes 
Reclaims the purity of your heart. This Rose essence opens the pathways of the Original Codes of love that are alive within. You are able to access the innocence of true nature of love.
Motherwort and St John’s wort
Creates strong, healthy and appropriate boundaries in a subtle and ease-filled way. 
You can use this essence for supporting you to say No rather than Yes or for firming up boundaries with family members. When your boundaries strengthen, you have more access to your truth, your energy and your clarity. 
Sunflower and Tulip
Brings an absolute sense of confidence so that you can shine your will force and light into the world. This Flower Essence will help you to live as the person you know you are; free to thrive, succeed, and be seen.
Soft Pink Rose and White Orchid
Carries the tender embrace of the Mother. In this embrace, a softening occurs that creates tremendous healing within the heart and past wounds. When you work with this Rose essence, you will feel the loving generosity of being held and loved deeply, which can ease much suffering, guilt and inner turmoil. 
Magenta Rose and Viola
Is connected to noble, kind, and generous love. This Rose essence stewards a type of loving that is anchored from your deepest values and that is worthy of being given and received.
Orange Rose
Electrifies the channels of love. It creates that love flow and feeling you have when first falling in love with another and you feel the potency magnified.This Rose essence amplifies currents so that you are awake and consciously choosing how to show up as Love.
MayApple and Honeysuckle 
Used when you find yourself at a crossroads, either unsure of which direction and/or wanting to understand your innermost self more to find clarity. Use Mayapple essence with the intention of journeying to connect to your Spirit.
Red Rose
Penetrates deep into the heart to both open and expand the capacity for loving. The Red force of passion is ignited so that romantic love with another and/or intimate love with self is heightened.
Gold Rose
Brings forth abundance of the infinite heart. There is plenty to be given and offered and plenty to receive. This Rose essence reminds you generosity is felt when falling in love and opening your heart is available  anytime.
Pale Pink Hibiscus, Lotus, and Peony
Enhances the connection between the third eye and the womb. Opens the third eye with sweet softness and sacral with generosity to receive.
Use Mugwort essences in Dream work. Dream work is especially important because in every moment, you are literally dreaming the reality awake rooted in Love.  You can take a drop of this essence before you go to sleep, asking to bring insightful dreams that correlate to your present path. 
Fuchsia Hibiscus and Fuchsia
Carries the Maiden. Bringing you into the resonance of your inner child, when the physical boundaries between you and Spirit, you and sisters/brotherns, you and the natural world.
Helps to heal suppression after damaged, distorted, or victimized. Softening of armor, a releasing of shame, and accessibility to and with Love.
Moonlight Red Cedar, Holly, and Rosemary
Allows you to open and receive support from the Earth and the cosmos. You can use essence on a journey to keep you safe and protected or once you are complete if you are feeling a little disconnected to your body and Self. This essence will also open a portal so that you can receive elemental and Spirit to harness information given to you.
Red Hibiscus and Cherry Blossoms
Assists with healing sexual shame and trauma, the betrayals and pains that have been ignored or pushed aside. This essence invites you into your free passionate self in order to dive inward and release the wounds of sexuality. 
Pink Ginger and Passion Flower
Is a healer for reproductive organs. Dissolves blockages or internal damage 
to bring physical and emotional repair. Symptoms alleviate or decrease
Red Raspberry and Purple Lilac
Tones the your reproductive system by strength and vitality. This essence softens emotions that have hardened within the womb, in which have created imbalance and physical symptoms.
Orange Hibiscus and Gerber Daisy
Re-links the pathway between the root and sacral. This essence anchors safety and sends a pulse of energy to the sacral to feel safe in sexuality.
White Hibiscus and Star Jasmine
Helps to invoke the Divine and open your womb space as an emanation of the Holy Grail. From your DNA to your bones. It is deeply concerned with re-wiring the Womb as a Holy Space of the one.
Red Elderberry and Snapdragon
Use this berry essence when doing deep work in clearing your womb, specifically after there has been loss.This essence literally breathes life back into “dead spaces” or those that are full of grief trauma.
Red Awapuhi and Kapi Kacchu
Activates the current of sexuality that is alive within you. The kundalini energy of the serpent lies in every person and it is meant to be awakened and embodied with great presence, for Self and to be shared with another, only by choice.
Star Magnolia, Gardenia, and White Lotus
This Essence connects you with the Sacred Star Temples around the world. Divine and sacred thresholds so that you connect to your Star Path, which is linked into the Cosmos and through all of eternity.

Gate Keepers

Angelica, Ashwagandha & Burdock

  • Roots, Grounding & Community Immunity
  • Muladhara, Root
  • Mars

Rose, Hawthorn & Mullein

  • Love, Cardiovascular & Lung Health
  • Anahata, Heart
  • Moon

Damiana, Calendula & Shatavari

  • Sensuality, Beauty, & Hormone Balancing
  • Svadhisthana, Sacral
  • Venus

Hibiscus & Borage

  • Creative Expression, Thyroid Health
  • Vishuddha, Throat
  • Mercury

Bacopa, Tulsi, Clove & Gotu Hola

  • Clarity & Optimal Cognitive Health
  • Sahasrara, Crown
  • Jupitar

Cacao, Fennel & Marshmallow Root

  • Nourishment & Digestive Health
  • Manipura, Solar Plexus
  • Sun

Blue Lotus & Mugwort

  • Intuition, Dreamtime, Pineal Gland, & Eye Health
  • Anjna, Third Eye
  • Saturn
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