Strengthen your spirit
Let not worry astray our mind.
As moonlit wonder, and star gaze slumber.
Whispering air
Shh dream under.

Ohh where the morning star shines light to thunderous purr of gentle.


To the ash of colors array 
Lips speak as
footsteps of chalice,
For art thou life worth without you in it?

What are fires without embers?
Worthy of such radiance,
Deserving such splendor.

Caress wombs wounds 
As sweet streams salt of the earth

Dawn to Dusk

A mist what breaks
Good morrow what may come
As today awaits


25 MAR 2015

No fear of being scared off when my brain jumps track eight track and looking back to cool J Cole rap and we’re stuck back to back with Back in Black and Rodrigo y Gabriella tap tap tap dancing without a cane and maybe a hit and run no wait we fixed that. So quit being a wuss I got a knife in my purse and the bouncer already saw it and I am salsa dancing tonight period. Pat come on old man now pull over there’s a midnight mass, graveyard or blues bar burning bright ass as that crosswalk rainbow path. Omg, I was so excited, but the look, when we came back. It was scary for both of us, thank you for pushing me. Don’t get me started on  losing in a infested woods! Four fucking hours guys! It’s on record! But seriously… FOUR FUCKING HOURS! Four hours in the jungle ass stinky sweaty, bugs and panthers that will literally eat your face Oh well. All’s well that ends well where my bully brothers Kane, Unable fell. We got a couple good pictures, I guess. 

Oh look, it’s Halloween! Thank you for being true to you, reminding we all do the same. We fire! Fast as fans after an hour in our Elements. Our mouths flap rapid as hymn and hurried canes. You’re a strong ass friend sista forgin’ kingdom keys for me, clearly insane. What the what in the morning, sleepless Seattle fame. I once was blind, now a blaze. Soon, I’m daring run, caring none, like I’s never lame.Where in the hell is he going with this, Martha! No, you read it! This is horseshit! This guy is nuttier than a squirrel turd! No, I will not lower my voice! I bet this freak is queer. Why did you even buy me this! You know I hate this touchy feely crap!