This is the halbach, honey dissolving in milk. The leaves and fruit of root trees. Laughing, crying, strong together for days on end. The moon in sunlight blue sky. Fully mixed with our spirits.

Melted desire of touch. Hussh feel the rush. Bless’d thine fluttered kisses. Such a pretty, a kiss of the lips to a match admire. Embrace conformed of two bodies. Intertwine with hearts wide open. Eloped in kind.

Every mine is the first discovery. Uncertain lovers mutters the unspoken connection. Voyage clairvoyance of joyish enjoyments. Innocence wishful, wisdom. Have and too hold promised, continuous reminders of the truth of innocent told and a long time ago, with tender love. Cracks, faded lines. Deeper in bastet and hunger in anubis… A mix. Death by loving you and born again.

“Black bird fly into the light of the dark black night” In the sky holding on for dear life with just before living in a turning house of uncertainties, excitement.

Silver lining hair and bright eyes. Crinkles in cheeks, kind, and a vibrant voice. At first glance across the aisle…thought…handsome, and probably taken. We were caught of guard of our crossfire adoration. “yes I could lay my head on your shoulder”. Without hesitation trial and error efforts we had found us. Zest! Quivering for the first hour in fears, but loving how the more meaningful words fumbled out of our mouth, chiseled the ice. It was so nice to just feel our knees touching each other. We radiate kindness, mutual platonic intent.
Serendipity, Symbolication, Spiritualization of special education. Make note written fortify.
Vox populi.

Coffee, no cream, bailey balance gleam. On a journey, so it seems.

Oh boy, humidity humility, no street lights, and so tired. To the villa,  which was very vanilla, from sunrise to sunset. Stuck in the middle with you. Eight miles and treading. Listening to music to keep one foot in front of the other, confidently walking along together. Smelling the fresh air. As the sun comes down and the orange red moon rises. Cream flowers for me and red flower for you. A love boat enough to fit the family. Wind is kicking up hold me close and do as the waves do. I’ll rock wit chu. We lay grace to the waterfalls and under and when the waterfalls  steams, through the color of magenta. The sound of waves hit the shoreline. Deeper and open we allow across the sun and lay shells in a zen garden.

And then…down it comes.

Large drops like a warm blasted shower. Car stops, “You wanna come in?” Dried off as much could in the passenger seat. “I’ve never picked anyone up before, I felt so bad for you walking in this crazy rain!”

“So where to!?”

The simple curiosity of vogue. Leads us to blow hole and dessalent volcano.

“Quick! grab on to me don’t fall off the cliff”. I don’t want to let go. Oh gosh the bashfulness like two kids again. Discerning commemorate.

In the midst of  obnoxious rain and spotty reception, ball and chain. The road to Hana a rocky safari, tight roads, ebi fish, green tea flan, and calamari.

Choice of red cross, hostel, a strange yet kind offering to join a cottage or out at the beach. Sigh…we need a drink. Not too worry. Cheers! Crown Royal, back to ours. We could be real bad, but we are real good..

“We made it”.. “wait where?” “To the black sand “…”Ooh no way!”

Couldn’t ask for a more perfect aphrodisiac moment.

Soft black sand, Dark hanging clouds.

Crashing waves, One swell after another. Desolate. What else is there to do in this moment…

Move in closer.
“I’m going to kiss you”


Oh my…Fuzzy seduction lust fills
Swept, swoon, seduced.

Back to the car naked and warm sleep is winning the best of us.

Tap* tap* tap* bright shining flashlight blares inside the car. “Excuse me you’re not supposed to be here after hours.” “Did you get trapped?” “Yes”.  “You know there’s a Red Cross shelter, but you are welcome to stay, just make note of the shelter.

It’s 3 am…

Trapped. Tantalizing kiss from lips to breast, as progressed slowly ravishingly undress. Fiery energy beneath. Obscene dream of fun and do the right thing.
Our desire.  I hear growl  and feel every taste of ecstasy.

Let’s drive might as well continue, we came for this. “Shit it’s raining again!”

Narrower road ahead muddy water flooding the roads racing waterfall, oh my will it ever clear. “How are we managing to keep turning around ending back where we started yesterday”. “It’s deja vu!” We make the perfect partners. We’re gonna need coffee and comfort food to get through this.

Warm homemade banana bread, black coffee, and focus. Watch out for the mudslides and the flying rapture. Uh no way, this is locus, back the way we came.

Well, so it seems we are stranded, the howleys spoke and it’s new years. We need a shower and good sleep.

Phew was lucky enough space is all.. that feels good, let it all out.

It’s not about money but controlling the uncontrolled with emotional adversary. Respect, Gratitude, Appreciation, Enjoyment and the unexpected.

On a spindle made from metal, wood, stone, Tibetan Mani, I walk the path

I am here in paradise that dwells inside me too stay, I lay rest to awaken my journey of travel and wealth for the year ahead.

Rings three times.

Lovely day,  make it count. Beautiful waves pro surfs and awesome paddle boards.

Kiss me long… kiss me hard don’t want this to end. Rocking on the boat sends waves of calm as we are guided by the water. Whales! Beautiful tales, fins, and sprays. Nothing beats a third eye picture. It’s interesting how their behaviors are  human, as it is mating season.

Lets’ get dinner.

This is an gargantuan amount of food and sushi with spam. What the hell are we thinking!

We still have some time. What next.   Where are we? oh still in the parking lot… gosh keep it together.

Okay, I am deflecting. Smoke bomb. My therapist says I do that. I ramble and joke nonstop and it makes people want to punch me. Don’t feel bad.  Sometimes fists do swing. Concerned family ask “what is wrong with you” two times twenty times a day and then they throw empty, well mostly empty water bottles at my head, which is understandable but clearly elder abuse in some states, hopefully Oregon. Yes, we know about brita filters and stupid water bottles in the landfills you hippies, stop judging meeee! You fucky wit meeeee?! Don’t fucky wit meeeee!!!

Fuck! Well by a campfire, more drank Crown Royal, we danced with the bottle on our head. “Ooo you smell that!?” “Who’s cooking?” The ground.

You know what? …. allot of broken hearts and ours was never in vain.

Welp, that was weird. This is the weird part they warned us about. Dammit all to kentucky. Send junior and buffy to their rooms. Turn on the internet filters.

As we pass mountainous judgment to the old patronizing ways. We could NOT have one religious view however we honor.

Through the winding path of Deadmans Pass listening to the sounds of Led Zeppelin..go go through the frozen waters too the sounds of The Lemon Song as we head through the valley of the Created Gods.

So… what is the “right” foreplay? we are command

In our realm anybody can be anyone …..and then:

Came on!

Safety first, when we dance we swing…. so swing to and fro

But we cleeeeeearly have not stopped guys! It escalated into plane jumps! Bronte, get your ass in here! And now you guys got me driving cars! Here’s the thing! None of this my fault! Never mind! Wrong story!


Pull over, throw me a leash, a Keys, its wasn’t that first four forest hours seized or lost and dire, just maybe two, smokey and a little bear on fire. We were just a couple kids jumping out of trees, zipping blue clown hats and flying trapeze. Everybody knows we look badass. New watch’n shades, those gangstas sensed our fame child, our soon to have it made style.

Where is the light at the end of the fucking tunnel!

We were misused. We will not allow to made broken.

So into the sunlight, and flat lands to a quick stop to the Emergency room. As we wait diagnostic report…
Nothing to worry, just antibiotics. Ha!
1333 as the Crow Flies

I met you on a day of sorrow. But seeing you I was struck by an arrow.. As cupid looked down from our tower.. It felt as if you gave me power.. As I laughed, talked, and listen you looked as if you glistened. Time went on, we grew closer.. We said goodbye but I thought ” no I don’t what to loose you”. Now we kiss we hug we hold hands tight but through it all our heart has grown with might. You are my dove. We met upon a day of sorrow I will never never leave you today or tomorrow. I can always make you laugh. I used to ‘muse and save loved ones with my crazy and crass. My quiet moms. My angry dads. Every pretty lass. Protects and swerve, amuse a muse, a lifetime serve. Nothing furls back grayest past to make us young again like even younger ones laughs. See the ocean under the water and able to see it clearly, while on the surface in a storm  and can only see pieces. Blesse’d be the poor and the sick. Some days ya’ll . Tu travailles ici? Elle est etudiante. Where are you!? Aw! Ce vre! Gleeful, glamourise, conglomerate heightened habromania. Insane sanity, as  psychic as the phylogenetic interstitial of mixed mentals. Infested by the generic anaphylaxis, parapraxis. Obligatory obligation often offered to the octanes. Cluster of categories compiled by cold counterpart yet tantalized by the torture and tickled  trouvaille. Dulcinea. I smell your perfume. When the good breeze caresses me. When the threads of dawn, dawn; it overlooks the escrow terrace. I have a beautiful feeling that your heart is white in jasmine color. Noctuary dreams dream transpontine. Vivacious, violgerant, vagary, vixen Sensualsapio churched servitude ubiquity lesson from our eyes honest odyssey. Crucifixion of repeated  derestriction as in 0 and 1 role of God and Goddess. For all those who are modest honest envisioned, golden. Banga mami! How much I missed you my love. My love in my heart shines a bright age. I want to sleep with you; love. I want to start your day with me. When the evening is beautiful, your eyes mean the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. I want to be a beautiful thing in your life. I want to paint on your lips, and smile whenever dangerous on your mind. Not only do you have healing touch and intuition of what I’m feeling and thinking; we move even when we are misunderstood. You have been a blessing in life. We are sweet, funny, cute, lovable, laughable, strong hearted, determined, focused, silly, kind hearted, compassionate,  generous, and caring. Focused and strong our love gave us wings to fly. Cheers life is a mess.


Marriage and cordial relationships surrender to love. As the purpose is to follow and become one as we never lose commitment with  one another and became adequate to eachother.

We are the fabric of reality.

Thoughts of arrival again is wishing we wouldn’t leave so soon and only wish never left.

“So do we meet up between 13th and 14th?” “Gosh, I know I keep circling.” “Ok, made it!” “What should we do?” “Smoke?” “Drink?” “Nah”.

“Lets see the stars!”. As we have seen the moon and sunsets and sunrises.

To the hilltop and lay down, under the twinkling light as below and above. “Let’s go!” To the fancy playground. “This is the best park evver!” “Oh my gosh! like a ninja warrior course inside a bee hive.” “Ok, ok, you go inside the slide and I’ll climb down from above”.

“There is a cement slide.” “Wait a minute are you telling me you can slide down cement?!” “Yea put water down it and you just launch”.

Ok we’re doing this. Holy shit! “That was way too fun!” Too the clouds swing set!

“Alright” acroyoga let’s try this out. Aand stretch. Would you look at this… a whole training session. Cardio, stretching, and touch.

Clock strikes midnight and the carriage ride takes us home. Time to heal. Nothing is more satisfying than just the being wit chu.  Ha! “Who would’ve thought a plane ride of a game of Uno with four players and two teams would meet again”.

Thank you for telling me who I am, when I couldn’t say it myself. How worried I was that you were alone. I hear you…

Yes Pluto is a planet. How does it go “Never Eat Soggy Waffles.” Wait that is North, East, South, West.

Everyone had loved me like a child however not like we should be loved. So my eyes and heart remain open as free from all life miseries.

“The Gun and Go”.

Bumfuck nowhere eating fried chicken and gravy with some collective heartburn. Home of the Lions and in a desert scene of a  Quinten Taratino movie. Never seen straight up “wind” as a  forecast.

Through the dust and tumbleweeds.

Roll the dice, as we notice a billboard sign. But literally… Snake Eyes

Made it home Saints
Our passion enriches the heat, of you roots compassion pursuits desire embarks love array of embers sweet. Hurry up slowly.
To Sinners
The difficulty of being  “older” whom just want to have FUN. “So what you dreaming for?” “Bon noche we deserve it and we are beautiful. Thank you”

Fogo de Chão
Empanadas seasoned Picanha, onions, chimichurri aioli, Crispy Parmesan Polenta Fries with grated parmesan, malagueta aioli and JUICY Rib.

Penblwydd Hapus (Ben per hoppa ce te) As we gather and a bee collects its dew on the edge of the staircase, a mosquito struggles across mortuary. We too see the beautiful gathers of  librarys to healing churches. Our body craves and wants like wood to the earth. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should, as there are times you shouldn’t and couldn’t. In and out and back, and just…. sway. One foot and the other, stomp. 

Lemme blow your mind from head to toe. Wrap, it in a beau, see it eye to eye, add it in the end with a ty.
Thank ya ma’ am, comply.
Damn its a distributor cam the beauty preliminary exam. Watch out for that Scam, Spam, Scram. Parliamentary law, the Oh Ahh call, Escape the Thrall. But first of all, before one and for all, Skip the rocks on the stone wall, n lemme know.  If it’s good enough for ya.
Tip the jaw, Grip the claw, Retract the bite, Shake a paw.
Oops oh ma gaw.
When I roll my hips, Smack my lips, rub my..
oooh ..ya know.
Undergo the variety show, speak the glow,
Free throw, from above and below, so lemme go, Lemme know.
Is it good enough for ya.
Come through with reference too,  An up most view a better woo.
oo, ee adequately.
Was I good enough for you
Roll, slow my shoulders, Move the boulders.
Relax the hands, understand, the absolute I can.
Excuse me, In and out lungs, in through your nose out through your mouth.
Work your ways, in and around, and ways down south. Yaa speak in tongues, smiles, and smirks. Get it done with the in between of funs, not funds.
Ha Ha.
But like I said, am I good enough for ya
Share a lyric,
Buy a vowel,
Be grammatically incorrect,
But hear an album.
Create a sound, a noun on our lips.


The beautiful sunrise outside as the dawn of light appears our Santos

A sigh has done a smile does with a good heart provides