I honor from the wings of good prevailed.



Speak, Spoke, Speaking

Feel, Felt, Feeling

Words, Worded, Wording

Love, Loved, Loving
Give, Gave, Given
See; Saw



Learn to Love yourself more than most, a lesson too many of us fail.
Those who cannot love hang in shame, usually struggle to love others the same.
Trying to live with childlike Trust and Faith in self and others, comfortable in our skin and unashamed, draws equal condemnation and admiration.
Move past that far quicker than most our age. Bring Beauty and Healing and change to those you meet.
Honoring the unknown wings of good prevails.


No masks between love, no way to live undercover.
Let not ember die and suffer,
Bestowing brightness of day with name.
We hurt; lets’ face it; chaos.
So much the same.
Colors of meaning love is Pink, Red is passion, dark clouds of hate; Purple is wisdom, Green is nature, Blue is trust, a Heavenly mate.
Golden Happiness of Oranges Reds combined light purity.
We came together at our lowest; development the slowest.
Personalities meshed, impact and boldest.
Bloom again.
Roots being the oldest,
Darkest before dawn.
No resentments would build; no lie nor con.