I gave you a vision as we had and have visions. So with you and also with you
And repeat
Like tasty cakes and coquito’ Ahh yea ‘Tasty cakes and coquito’ Thank you
No more closed or locked borders gracias
I love our people.
We are Natives, and our world is nothing without you in it.
Our hearts are open.
Our story.
Our country, our island for the people by the people.
Keep our head high. Where you live is not always where coming from
Respect shows the people by the people.

Yen: a strong desire or propensity longing also urge and a craving

Succinctus: the realm supported by a band of silk around the the middle of love


Convalescence: to recover health and strength especially after sickness

(Easter eng. Wales N Ire Australia and New Zealand)

Into a million silver to gold fractions.
There is a connection unsubstantiated by;
yet stronger than that not different as important
Times of despair;
Humble abides,
Balance the power of might in ever minute,
simply to speeding seconds to slow burning hours.
Faster time.

Do you take milk, honey, cream, sugar? What’s your Porcelain, Orkokola, Stine, Gold cup filled with?

Is it filled with sweet Coco
Brandy, that made it full and handy?
Rum sweet
Caffeine that left you to scream or even enough to dream?
Beer, that you held onto so dear
Wine to buy a line, maybe to say everything is fine?

How about warm steam milk

Rhodiola, Plumbago zeylanica, Black Thorn, Chicory homestead
Sodom Apple, Tumeric as the sun seen
Aloe, Sumac, Tulsi, Thyme redeem,
Acacia Nilotica, O-seki, O-lorein, Chamomile for that mellow bright
Rosa Canina, Honeysuckle, Hibiscus, Lotus for passion caregiver too


I am There for you & here for Eachother

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