Thank You Miss Sophie

“The plan of the heart belong to man, but the answer of the tongue is from the lord.”

“You are a wonderful women and meeting you has been nothing but a blessing in my life. Sweet, funny, cute, lovable, laughable, strong heart, determined, focused, silly, kind heart, compassionate, and generous. I truly care about you and never want to make or slow down your progress in life. Stay focused and strong Afro Latina. I’ll never forget how you couldn’t give me the time I deserve. However I will forever honor the time we spend together. Your example has given me footstep to follow… and your love has given me wings to fly. Your spirit will always be a part of me. I will never take your kindness for weakness or take love for granted. I could not tell you that you, you’re loving me wrong or dictate when loving is too strong it’s given in small doses either in touch or psychosis. Deep emotions run through you in waves like an oceans to the full moon, as we made in June and our love blossoms through a callous cocoon. You are butterfly as I hope you stay. I’m willing to get a greater view not just to your outside but inside too. Open your heart I won’t break it… I give you mine would you surely take it? I don’t sell people, I cage people. I box them up, use them at leisure and I won’t go out my way much more. I need a love break because my baby mama love is too much. She doesn’t own me, that cat comes crawling back. And you are just the same, just another unsolved love letter”.

“Hm, Am I?”

“I could not help but imagine you and I, and how we would Seriously  create a beautiful person! I’d be the best motherfucking dad Ever! And all I could hope for is the child’s mother would want to be a part of our lives. I looked at you and these thoughts started happening. And here I am spilling the beans.”

What I see no other can; for which there can be no substitute, constructed for the apprehension of truth. Perpetual change and the inexhaustible adventures, I constitute these to our life.

As you may also claim your life with substitute.

My muse; we speak frankly as you talk to yourself and to your friends. Even within committed writing, same way I am. 

“Cheers my friend. You put meaning to it.”

Saint Sophia, you did blossom in the courts of the Lord as a fruitful olive tree, O holy Martyr Sophia; in your contest you did offer to Christ the sweet fruit of your womb, Love, Hope and Faith, your daughters. With them intercede for us all. Amen.