Facilitating & Agreements
1. Ceremony/Retreat Gathering Intention, Purpose, Theme and Contained Time Frame (Date Length and How Often).
2. Consider Landscape, Weather, Permits, Fees, Parking, Emergency Reception, Symbolisim and Accessibility.
3. Agreements before Attendance.
4. Phone Usage.
5. Nobody leaves until the end.
6. Facilitators have the final word.
7. Energy Exchange (Flat Fee/Sliding Scale/Barter Trade) & Inclusion Values, Insurance Coverage, and Liability Waivers (Informed Consent/Disclosures/Medical or Health Issues/Emergency Contact).
8. Acknowledge Risk associated, Animal interaction, and any other factors in a non-controlled Environment.
9. Personal and Collective Boundaries.
10. First Aid, Pen & Paper, Cleaning Supplies, Tech Gear, Lighter/Torch, Headlamp, Warm Gear, Easy of Shoes, Comfortable Clothes, White Wardrobe, Medicine Bag, Medicine Tool/Supplies, Shamanic Power Belt, Crystals, Sacred Items, Waterbottle, Foam Roller, and any Essential and Necessary Supplies.

Be Open & Trust
Safe Space
1. Comfort (Shelter, Warmth, Basic Needs, Physical Comfort, Emotional Comfort, and Spiritual Comfort).
2. Nature (Sun/Moon Light and the 4 Elements).
3. Beauty (Flowers/Color).
4. Guardians.

Presences & Let Go
Sitting not Guiding

Thorough & Through not Down.

Leadership & Teamwork – Serve only what you have Personally Experienced, Being Prepared, Self-Care, Space Awareness, Mindful Positive Solutions, Gossip/Drama free, Pre/Post Ceremonial Meetings, Accountability, Confidence & Trust, Foundation building based on Value, Intentions & Repuation, Presences, Calmness, Kindness, Protect from within, Deep Listening, Awareness of Touch, Talk through not down, Conscious Movement, Body Language Awareness, Consensual Guidance, Space Holding, Devotional Service, Embody your Mastery, Ask for Support, Clear Communication, Willingness to Learn, Honor Sacred Masculine and Feminine Roles, Take Shifts, Respect your Personal Work, Consult the Team on Big Decisions, Participate in Essential Tasks, Support & Trust the Team Consensus, and Humbling Courage.


1. Diet/Internal Cleanse
2. Education
3. Mentors/Facilitators/Guides – What helps you to feel Expansive or Connected to something Greater than yourself? What can you turn to when you are in Need? Who/What do you consider your Support/Community at this time? Who/What helps you maintain Perspective and Possibility? Who/What would you like to Witness the Ceremony? Would you like another person to Facilitate or Witness the Ceremony or send Blessings from afar?
4. Intentions – What is the Intention you want to Honor in Ceremony?
5. Mindset – Stage of change most relevant (Severence – marking/letting go/ending,  Threshold – withholding a major question/in the middle of unknown, Incorporation – intergrating/embodying/celebrating)
6. Rootwork, Pranayama & Yoga
7. Sexual Abstention
8. Ritual Routine/External Cleanse

1. Altar – What symbols are meaningful to you? What can you offer? Are there any Metaphors that are meaningful to your Experience?
2. Acknowledgement
3. Invoking Guides/Archangels/Ancestors
4. Bless the 7 Directions
5. Smudging
6. Herbal Remedies
7. Intentions
8. Meditation
9. Silence
10. Avoid Touch
11. Encourage sitting
12. Communion with Source through Traditional vocal Chants/Mantra/Song

1. Empty Stomach
2. Team work
3. Remedies/Medicine Integrity
4. Harm Reduction Principle & Safety
5. Music
6. Gentle Movement
7. Spiritual Bath/Pranyama
8. Prioritize Inner Connection

1. Ancestral Channeling
2. Astral Being Interaction
3. Collective Purging/Cord Cutting
4. Guardianship
5. Ritual Rootwork
6. Avoid Touch
7. Traditional vocal Chants/Mantras/Song
8. Journaling
• Severance – What in your Life is dying or ending? What do you need to let go of in order to move forward? What are you ready to give up?
• Threshold – What are you in the unknown? Where do you feel most confused, lost/in-between? What questions are you holding while being in this experience? Is there something you would like Guidance around
• Incorporation – Is there anything that is feeling important to acknowledge or mark? What is beginning in your Life? What is wanting to Birth or come to Fruition? What are you claiming or stepping into? Is there anything that you would like to Honor or Celebrate?

1. Healthy Eating
2. Heart Sharing
3. Accountability
4. Journaling/Flow Art
5. Action – Burning/Walking/Offering/Gratitude/Proclamation
6. Exercises/Contact Improvisation/Yoga
7. Self-Care
8. Routine
9. DreamWorks
10. Sexual Preservation

1. Live Music
2. Collective Singing
3. Free/Guided/Traditional Dance
4. Herbal Remedies
5. Heart Sharing
6. Food Sharing
7. Gentle Contact


✫ Setting
Somewhere Familiar, Sense of Safety and Awareness of Level of Noise/Activity
✫ Name of Hebal Medicine & Precautions/Contraindications
✫ Dose & Guardians
• Use Proper measuring tools for each Medicine, Respect the Medicine, Sometimes less is more, Avoid intaking to much, No Alcohol or Other Alter Substances Learn if you should do more or less next time, and Consider a self analysis afterwards.
1 Guardian per 3 – 4 people
Microdose 1+ Guardian
• Higher Dose 2+ Guardians
• 5 person Ceremony 2+ Guardians
• 10 person Ceremony 3+ Guardians
✫ Duration
✫ Presence of Impurities

Mindset is Key
✫ Be Aware of Expectations as it is Wiser to set Intentions
✫ Be Aware of Emotional State
✫ Be Aware of Psychological Well-Being
✫ Be Aware of Previous Experience with Herbal Medicine

Possible Challenges
✫ Anxiety
✫ Feeling Alone/Trapped
✫ Memory Loss
✫ Altered sense of Time & Space
✫ Confusion
✫ Disorientation
✫ Fear of losing Control

I am There for you & here for Eachother

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