Teach Me Mama

Depetion, is the worst and best word to describe conception when not conceived in mutual decision. With this knowledge is also the difference between fucking and making love. To where one of these is right.

The feeling of making love does not exist when only one, benefits from the experience. As following suite will make the choice as well as be the only active participant in creating family.

This may not apply the legistics too love as it is a shared exprience to whom want to participate. It is best to share one anothers roots. So we can give more than one. It takes a village to raise a family. Thus a discussed plan and action.

Ask yourself “What do I deserve in this relationship and what do I need to do to participate in this love and family.”

Ultimately the production of conception while can be by making love, both parents can also become part of a planned family.

Being a parent is also subject to change as a parent or legal guardian will either be chosen for you, alter with you, and/or the child will choose the favorable as they grow. That is part of human development.

So Dear lord do not conceive conception as a method of having someones’ way.

Mutual Love is just as important as the follow through. In short: no dumb, bitch ass nigga shit, nor punk ass nigger stuff or punk ambiguous bitch assumptions.