Bare witness to these arms.
The powers at bay
Don’t forget cupid me Trinidad.
When a real man meets a real woman; worth.
You are my country hermano, hija, hermosa. You know what it is to be all natural azuca Cuba
Provicho Nicaragua
Bendición Puerto Rico
Gracias Mexico
It’s kinda Chile ¿no? Just living on the limit. La Negrita Tiene Tumbao! Haitian nation neighboring unity on joints. Flip it lke dat, just like this Jamaica
Blessed by the island. Fisherman and sea. Everything Now! Bloody Hell Europe.
Iguanas and home where the aboriginal indigenous Rome.
Muito bon dia Brazil
Majaliewa Africa
Jades of Asia

Heart hath sight
Pure delight Loyalty, Prayer, Mindful

Accept each other Unconditional Love. To Love by letting Love; Loving one another more.

I am yours.

It does not matter what you are; but who you become. Everything more to the soft blues and pinks of Isabel her Love and Beauty.

Purifications to which asay the very vulnerabilities of all sacrifices. From the salty rain from my eyes to the sky on my skin. From the shores of the Caribbean; Devotion.

Golden brown skin shimmer caress. Venus hair thick soft curls Baby Breath, Carnation, Marigold, Orchid, Gardenia, and Hibiscus.

A place of complete trust for Eternity for Unity with Divine Honor, Spirit, Eachother.

May Divine Light rooted Roots into and on to all Country.


Sincere Sacred

The People Our Kingdom

The thrown whether you moan or roar, on sweet key. From the lowest floor, as why we are the x and the z’s. When it came to the birds and the bees. Oh when it came to fees it was at the front and back door under that convenience store. So please; those keys never had the right note. Anew quote to a botha. Proto-type, pound key. Associate degree, of an epidemic tree. Systemic call, call  the para-someone. Rhetoric stripe, soil pipe, play’n a melody of an addiction to an old key. When that doesn’t work, how about that string, can you hear it sing. High upswing, to lower left wing. Linguistic king, in the battle ring. Cleverly aligned em’ Ballistic if you fathom. That’s right, it took brass. The opportunity of relativistic mass. Like the trombone unbeknown wishbone. Pierce of a saxophone. As loud as that trumpet, or as good as the crumpet. From the french horn that you adorn. Affluent flute to reboot, or possibly recruit. Here comes the piccolo and oboe, Then to the clarinet solo bassoon past the half moon. On to the percussion attune. Hear is where the ensemble cymbal… Thimble and wimbol, the symbol. Could be as nimble, as simple, as a bell or chime. Snare affair, or truth, or dare. Tambourine and whistles,   sonata epiphany sweet symphony.


16 JAN 2019


I gave you a vision as we had and have visions. So with you and also with you
And repeat
Like tasty cakes and coquito’ Ahh yea ‘Tasty Cakes and Coquito’ Thank you
No more closed or locked borders gracias
I love our people.
We are Natives, and our world is nothing without you in it.
Our hearts are open.
Our story.
Our country, our island for the people by the people.
Keep our head high. Where you live is not always where coming from
Respect shows the people by the people.

Yen: a strong desire or propensity longing also urge and a craving
Succinctus: the realm supported by a band of silk around the the middle of love
Convalescence: to recover health and strength especially after sickness
(Easter eng. Wales N Ire Australia and New Zealand)

Into a million Silver to Gold fractions.
There is a connection unsubstantiated by;
yet stronger than that not different as important
Times of despair;
Humble abides,
Balance the power of might in ever minute,
simply to speeding seconds to slow burning hours.
Faster time.

Do you take milk, honey, cream, sugar? What’s your Porcelain, Orkokola, Stine, Gold cup filled with?

Is it filled with sweet Coco
Brandy, that made it full and handy?
Rum sweet
Caffeine that left you to scream or even enough to dream?
Beer, that you held onto so dear
Wine to buy a line, maybe to say everything is fine?

How about warm steam milk?

Rhodiola, Plumbago zeylanica, Black Thorn, Chicory homestead
Sodom Apple, Tumeric as the sun seen
Aloe, Sumac, Tulsi, Thyme redeem,
Acacia Nilotica, O-seki, O-lorein, Chamomile for that mellow bright
Rosa Canina, Honeysuckle, Hibiscus, Lotus for passion caregiver too


15 MAR 2018


You are one of the most creative, powerful and intelligent women I know. The fact trust someone as strong as you meant so much to my recovery. The fact you keep coming to visit helped save me. I’m forever Grateful.
Thank you for expressing your artistic side every way you know how, even when you have little to no support or encouragement from friends or family. Thank you for almost being as cool as my thousand personalities. For knowing yourself, knowing gnosis, magic and indigenous. Thank you for being weird enough. To help me be more me and me and many-me again.