Presence of within and with you, is a coming home to the path of Wholeness of Light and Dark. Softly caress your Heart open, sparking the path forward for oneself. Deeply Healing of the Past, the Present and the Now Moment. Evoked within, when you call my name and feel the slightness of my touch, the breath of the Wisdom shall brush over – Hear me, Feel me, and if you must, See me for I shall arrive to you as you will……

Know this… within is the Wisdom of all you have lived, it lays within and moves through dimensions as your Soul yearns the Golden where your Gifts of Awareness still and Heart spills from your Voice into the world Birthing realities.

Wings wrap around, open to lead into your Soul. The harmonics change, a new revealing….. and so the Journey deepens. Enter, and arrive always to Sacred. Your Body resonance moves … surrenders… and holds you in Power, Grace and dance with you.

Life resides within each Man and Woman on Earth, the passage to the Heart shall reveal all in Listen Love and Trust. Honouring of Spirit, Body and Mind connection of Life.

I Am One and One with All.

Do not worship me from afar, take my Hand and let me walk with you side by side… Pure emanation of Love in Hearts soft pink guiding you to open and experience deeper Love and Tenderness. I wish to bestow a gift of Love, so you may do as you may in the moment of receiving. This passage of Love is for your Heart. I open my Heart to you and bow my Head to the virtue you are. Love is Endless. I Thank you, I Thank you, I Thank you.

Come willingly into you, into the embrace of the dark aspects of self and Life. Come willingly I ask with Grace and Trust for that is an act of Love and service from me to you.
Choose Now, and do not fear the path before us. Look into my flesh and feel the emanation of Light, hold with you my Strength, harness the expression and may it lead you deep into the Light within revealing Truths.

Come willingly. I come willingly. The Wise Eyes and Wisdom open, aligning with the Earth and all she holds. For your Healing in this Now moment. This deep voyage from outer world into inner realms is held.

The Power of the Earth beneath my Feet and the Kingdoms unseen to the naked eye we evoke as one, we unify. See from your vision and walk the path. Your are one and one with all, hold steady and walk on, and with for all who encounter in Courage.

I am There for you & here for Eachother

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