At 1:00 the Sun is Higher than the Moon.
At 2:00 the two slates of Moses written by the Fire of the Hand of our Lord Jesus Christ.
At 3:00 the three Patriarchs.
At 4:00 the four Blessed wounds of the Son.
At 5:00 the Blessed points of the Star, in which I feel his Love.
At 6:00 the six Candles which gave Light to Galilee.
At 7:00 the seven Sorrows the Blessed Mother suffered for her Son.
At 8:00 the Incense will Clear my Mind.
At 9:00 look Deep within yourself, and nine Enemies less you shall Have.
At 10:00 Guard the ten Commandments.
At 11:00 the Eleven Thousand Virgins will be with me and guide me Safely through the treacherous dangerous Paths.
At 12:00 the twelve Apostles will accompany me along my way.
At the 13:00 hour Michael Imprisoned Satan you will Not Touch me from any Direction. And for the last one I will find Peace. Amen.

I am There for you & here for Eachother

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