Rootwork is a form of folk magick that uses the elements of Nature to create change in ourselves, others or our Environment. It is an African-American form of Shamanism that makes use of Herbs, Stones, Rocks and other Organic Material to Heal the Body or the Mind or to Solve a problem in similarity to all forms of Shamanism. Rootwork is not a Religion. It has no Pantheon or Priesthood. It refers only to a set of Healing and Spell Practices, and the Practitioner can be in any Religion so choose. Rootworkers/Shamans are equally feared and respected and usually lived away from folks. Most folks lived with the notion “You want Salvation, you go to Church. You want something done, go to the Rootworker.” Rootworkers transmit their Wisdom and Botanical knowledge down to their children.

I am There for you & here for Eachother

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