1. Plants as I was taught should never be picked after the Sun sets for the Spirit of the Earth is sleeping at this time. It is a delicate time for the Spirit of the Earth as it is regenerating for the following day’s exhalation of fresh Oxygen into the Earth’s atmosphere. The only exception to this rule is a Flower which from my understanding is because they are already open and the Spirit of the Earth is still Vibrant and Active in the Pistil and Stem.
  2. Always gather Roots BEFORE the plant has Bloomed.
  3. Do not Consume more than what you Need. Sensitivity to how your overconsumption can play a role in the loss of Tradition for future generations.
  4. Do not pick plants while it is Raining since this is the time the Serpent God of Ecology Ochumare is preparing to drink from the Earth before transforming into a Rainbow ensuring the Strengthening of the Spirit of the Earth.
  5. Never pick plants that are in an area which have been sprayed with chemicals as this can make plants which would normally be consumable into a poisonous plant.
  6. Sweet and Aromatic plants should always be picked right after Sunrise and Bitter plants should be picked right before Sundown.
  7. Give back to the Earth by planting and sprouting whatever you can.
  8. Make an offering at the Foot of the Plant or Tree and give Thanks for taking from it.

I am There for you & here for Eachother

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