Disconnection of Higher-self causes loss and distortions of self & enjoyment in Life. This disconnection causes comfort in isolation, loneliness and fatigued unfocused misunderstandings, irraticating time within the mind rationalizing with no progress. This than results in experiencing and embodying health complications that result in distortions within livelihood, relationships and communities.
✫Old paradigms of Being and Living what didn’t Socially, Economically and Politically work.
✫ Taking identities in which causes limiting expressions.
✫ Culturally Conditioned enslavement in which reduces a component of an entire mechanism reinstating divion and separation.
✫ In Spiritual communities, where ecstatic dancing, making loud noises and tantric appearances form with no real depth.
✫ In Business communities where shame is presented and lacking form with deep feelings of sensual, soft approaches and expression causing rejection and contraction.
✫ Tantrikas communties dancing with Deities and Ascended Masters while avoiding surfing the peak of Trauma and Shadow Work.

Aligning Connection and Guides places self Acceptance in and on the Divine Path & Journey of Life, experiencing Creativity and Birth & Rebirth of Connection to Higher-self. Aligning Power and shifts in Perceptional Desire & Commitment to Divine Sovereign Power. This clarity and Divine Connections of the Hearts inner Divine Wisdom; flourish Ideas, Spiritual Insights and Inspirations in which align in Peaceful and Balanced insight of clear confirmation. Embodying self Essence and Being in full spectrum is of Authentic Power, Deep and Raw vulnerably Honest Wisdom flows through Valued Integrity. Aligning Connection is the ability to be everything and nothing simultaneously allowing Source to flow through in each multidimentional moment. This is of Being successful in Business and Being Passionately Sensual & Sexual. Embodying your Essence and Devotional Path liberates through Real & Authentic Service in deep expressions shifting change and evolving transformation in Embodying the different flavors of self essence bridging all individual and collective layers, levels and dimensions of Divine Sacred Divinity within. We conciously choose the Journey of Awakening Ascension Path and Evolution in Integrity with whom we are becoming and allow self to have a Sacred Pause to avoid burn out, Honour self and continue Self Awareness aligned with Desire & Intentions for an Empowered Aligned Sacred Path & Connection.

I am There for you & here for Eachother

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