INSULA is full of Empathy & Compassion. Send some Love through Random Acts of Kindness.
PARASYMPATHETIC is the Rest & Restore, controlling the Body response while at Rest. The Parasympathetic is responsible for Calm, Clear Awareness, elevated Euphoria, relaxed Joy, Openness and Focus, allowing Strengthening to the Immune response in Regeneration & Restoration as well as improving Digestion, Hormonal balance, Energy conservation and Happiness.
THE LIMBIC SYSTEM is where Emotions are made sending information to the Frontal Cortex to Produce Conscious Feelings.
PRE-FRONTAL CORTEX our thinking center for Creativity & Logic.
AMYGDALA is where Stress lives, it is our alarm center in which activates Response however does not differentiate between real present danger and re-lived Thoughts.
SYMPATHETIC is the Fight or Flight controlling the Bodys response during perceived threat. Sympathetic is responsible for Adrenaline, Anxiety, Stress, Worry, Fear, Confusion, Doubt, Overwhelm; Rushing, Exhaustion, low Immunity, Mood Disorders, Hormonal imbalance, Weakness, Energy depletion, Adernal exhaustion and Heart failure.
HIPPOCAMPUS is our liberation for our Memories, this helps us remember Information and store Information. When the Hippocampus shutdowns from Stress our Mind goes blank.


We are Truth, Love & Light of the Divine Essence, from the Earth and Here and Now. We kiss the Earth with our Feet as each step and every Moment, makes the Flowers bloom. In Peace.

Compassion may be an essential part of our collective Healing – but how do we learn to access it?

The Vagus Nerve is often called the ‘Compassion Nerve ’ because it is the Ventral Vagal pathways of this nerve that bring our capacity for Compassion. With a nourishing personal practice, whether a gentle stroll through Nature, a stretch or long deep breathing, you can create Neural pathways to Mental, Spiritual and Emotional resilience and wellbeing. Empowering you to reset your Nervous System, self-soothe and awaken your Ventral Vagal state. From here you can nestle into deeper knowing, access the Wiser parts of you and find the resources to support you in processing Life’s ’s experiences – from the most challenging to the most mystical.

This “Rest and Digest ” is a response of the Parasympathetic System aka Ventral Vagal state. It is your state of safety and Homeostasis. When you are in your Ventral Vagal state, you notice you feel more Grounded, Mindful, Joyful, Curious, Empathetic and Compassionate. By simply savouring Life and shaping your Nervous System, you can rewire yourself for greater Peace, lowering Cortisol and developing more capacity to hold yourself and bounce back from overwhelmed and triggered self-abandoned states.

In a distracted, adrenalised and traumatised society we need to practice self-regulation as an act of love for not only for ourselves and ourLloved ones but also the greater Community. Your regulated Nervous System is access to your Sovereign state, to your Throne, to the alter of your Inner Temple, your cherishing Inner Mother and the Ground of your Being and Intuition. It is your sense of safety and resource for yourself and your Loved ones. From this space within you can offer the jewels of Compassion to yourself and your Community. Honouring your vessel with gentleness and savouring Life ’s beautiful moments is a path to Peace from the inside out. Your Biology is the basis of Compassion.


C1: Atlas –  Head – Brain – Inner and Middle Ears
C2: Axis – Auditory – Nerves – Sinuses – Eyes – Tongue
C3: Cervical Vertebrae – Teeth – Cheeks – Outer Ears
C4: Cervical Vertebrae – Nose – Mouth – Lips – Eustachian Tubes
C5: Cervical Vertebrae – Pharynx – Vocal Cords
C6: Cervical Vertebrae – Shoulders – Neck – Tonsils
C7: Cervical Vertebrae – Thyroids – Elbows

T1: Thoracic Vertebrae – Trachea – Esophagus – Lower Arms – Fingers
T2: Thoracic Vertebrae – Heart
T3: Thoracic Vertebrae – Lunges – Chest – Breast
T4: Thoracic Vertebrae – Gallbladder
T5: Thoracic Vertebrae – Liver – Blood Circulation – Solar Plexus
T6: Thoracic Vertebrae – Stomach
T7: Thoracic Vertebrae – Pancreas – Duodenum
T8: Thoracic Vertebrae – Spleen
T9: Thoracic Vertebrae – Adrenal Glands
T10: Thoracic Vertebrae – Kidneys
T11: Thoracic Vertebrae – Uretres
T12: Thoracic Vertebrae – Small Intestines – Lymph Circulation

L1: Lumbar Vertebrae – Large Intestines – Inguinal Region
L2: Lumbar Vertebrae – Abdomen – Appendix – Upper Legs
L3: Lumbar Vertebrae – Bladder – Sex Organs – Knees
L4: Lumbar Vertebrae – Sciatic Nerves – Prostate Gland
L5: Lumbar Vertebrae – Lower Legs – Feet
Sacrum – Hip Bones – Buttocks
Coccyx – Rectum – Anus


SEROTONIN: The Happiness Chemicals
Soak in the sun, Walk in nature, Happy Microbiome, Tryptophan, Rich foods and
Vagus Nerve Stimulation.
Herbs: St John’s Wort, Albizzia and Ashwagandh
DOPAMINE: The Feel Good Hormone Manifestation, Concentration, Connecting, Breaking Goals, Tyrosine, Omega 3 and Rich Foods.
Herbs: Mucuna, Ginkgo and Turmeric
OXYTOCIN: The Cuddling Hormone
Bonding, Arousal, Touch, Self Care, Compassion, Trust, Healthy fats and Magnesium.
Herbs: Damiana, Rose and Blue Lotus
ENDORPHINS: The Pain Reliever
Movement, Exercise, Orgasms, Laughter, Dancing, Vitamin B & C and Rich Foods.
Herbs: Cacao, Guarana and Maca


CACAO contains a myriad of feel-good chemicals, such as Magnesium – a nourishing relaxant, Tryptophan and Amino Acid that boosts Serotonin, Theobromine – a Euphoric Stimulant, Anandamide – the Euphoric molecule released when we’re Happy and Phenylethylamine – a chemical released when we’re in Love.
GUARANA a powerful energizer used in Libido boosting formulas to increase Arousal and Sex Drive.
POMEGRANATE decreases Inflammation and helps with Blood flow to Extremities as well as aid Cardiovascular Health for a Healthy Sex Drive Hormone production allowing the ability to attain and maintain Erections.
CATUABA a Sexual stimulant native to the Amazon, to increase Blood flow, particularly to the Genitals. Helps Sexual impotency, Nervousness, Weakness, poor Memory and Sexual weakness.
SHISANDRA highly beneficial for Fertility and Reproductive Health, helping promote a strong Libido and warding off Sexual dysfunction (such as impotence).
DAMIANA used for centuries as an Aphrodisiac and Libido booster and effectively used to increase Sex Drive, fights Depression,  Stress relief and as an Anti-anxiety.
MUIRA PUAMA Indigenous to the Amazonian rainforests its classically used as a mild Anti-depressant, Anti-anxiety and Libido booster.
BLUE LOTUS aka Nymphaea caerulea, a sacrament revered in ancient Egypt, Maya, Asia and India, used in Sacred Ceremonies to induce deep states Euphoria and Relaxation.
MUCUNA said to be like nature’s MDMA, Mucuna aka “Dopamine bean” has a magickal ability to improve Sex Drive feelings of Satisfaction, Motivation, Well-being, and Mood.
ST JOHNS WORT is potent Serotonin booster, known as one of the greatest Anti-depressant found in nature. Use with caution if taking Anti-depressants.
MACA cultivated for over 3,000 years in South America, Maca improves sex drive, mood, assists with hormonal balance and helps with performance anxiety.


Clary Sage, Mugwort, Blue Lotus and Rosemary
Rose, Hibiscus, and Coriander
Dill, Chamomile, Parcley and Copal
Cinnamon, Rose, Sweetgrass and St. John Wort
Bay, Marigold and Marjoram
Palo Santo, Wormwood, Rue, Basil, Nettle, Cedar and Comfrey
Rosemary, Sage, Gotu Kola, Rue and Mint

Wisdom, Spirit Guidance, Ancestral Guidance. You have the Wisdom you need.
New Beginnings Transmissions.
Energy has been Cleared or Moved through.
Growth, Endurance, Self Discovery, Regeneration, Shifting and Transmutation.
Become more Passionate by-sending Love to where you need the most Healing.
Death, Ending and Self Worth.
Emotional Purificatian or Transformation of some kind is needed.
The Energy is Clear.


BLUE LOTUS Lucid/Spiritual Dreams Decompresses Nervous System
MUGWORT enhances/improves recollection of Dreams, Oneirogen, helps with Fever, Asthma, Cold/Cough, Chronic pain, Digestive, Nervous problems and Menstrual cramps.
SKULLCAP mild Sedative treats Insomnia, Anti-viral, Anti-inflammatory and Anti-allergic
LAVENDER Calming, Stress Reliever, Relaxation, Headache and Migraine relief
ROSE Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory, Relieves Depression, Anxiety and increases Libido.
CLOVE relieves Congestion, Headaches and Colds/Flus
SPEARMINT & PEPPERMINT soothes Senses, sharpens Mind, classically used to treat Congestion of Nose, Throat and Sinuses.
CALEA ZACATECHICHI oneirogen, Lucid Dreams, sharpens Senses, Mental Clarity, Relieves Colds/Flus, soothes Skin Infections like Dermatitis.
CALENDULA increases Clarity and Remembrance to Dreams and is an Anti-inflammatory.
RED RASPBERRY Antioxidant, neutralizes Nicotine present in Blood and reduces Blood sugar levels.
MULLEIN clears Lungs, Decongestant, treats Cold/Cough, reduces Inflammation, soothes infected/inflamed Lungs.
DAMIANA helps against Depression, Anxiety Nervousness, Aphrodisiac, Calming and reliefs headache.
WILD DAGGA Muscle relaxer, and mild Euphoric effect.
GOTU KOLA improves mental Clarity and aids Respiratory and Skin Infections.
INDIAN WARRIOR Muscle relaxer and Sleep aid.

I am There for you & here for Eachother

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