Tantra is nothing less than Divine Love you can experience with yourself. Tantra is based on the aspect of Non-dualism teaching of the Body & Universe are Divine. Instead of looking for deliverance (Samadhi) from the world, Tantra teaches that The True Essence already exists in every particle of the Universe. Tantra elevates Love and Sexuality to the Divine Energetic experience and doesn’t see Spirituality and Sexuality separately. Both rises from the one, Divine source. PRAVRTTI “The life of GRHASTHA” (Shiva/Masculine Energy) Energy of Being Present in the vibrant creation of life and NIVRTTI “The life of SANNYASIN” (Shakti/Feminine Energy) bringing spiritual Ascension and a Transcendence from our worldy suffering. Tantra focuses on bringing the Feminine, dynamic Energy (Kundalini Shakti) to Life at the base of the Spine where this Energy is referred to as KUNDALINI in which the creative potential of Masculine and the deep Feminine force awakens like two Serpents through the Solar Plexus chakra and fills the Energy Centers with PRANA (Divine Life Energy). Arriving in the Crown chakra Leading to Physical & Cosmic Enlightenment (Awareness).

• Transcends Ego through Mental and Physical Practices including: Mantras(affirmations), Yantras (geometrical symbols) and Mudras (hand and postures).
• Transcends Sensuality and Sexuality  Practices including: Lingam and Yoni massage, Tantric Breathwork or Tantric Sex.
• Transcends Esoteric and Occult Energies to realization of Intentions.

CONNECTION: the giving and receiving Energy without judgement that exists between Beings when derived from feeling and feeling seen, heard and valued; strengthing the relationship.

INTIMACY: self-revealing behavior, positive involvement, and shared understanding.  
Self-revealing behavior: Intimate partners sharing personal details and self-disclosure promoting intimacy.
Positive Involvement: attentiveness, physical closeness, eye gaze and body orientation or coordination. Intimacy through body language.
Shared Understanding: knowing each other’s thoughts, experiences, habits and preferences.

I am There for you & here for Eachother

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