“When we can be intimate with ourselves, we can truly be intimate with others.” 

As many embark on the Journey of Sexual and Sensual Awakening it’s important to understand exactly what’s being offered.

Similarities between Tantric Rootwork, Sensual Rootwork, and Erotic Rootwork:

✫ The entire Body is massaged in a Sensual manner using oil.
✫ Creates Physical and Mental relaxation.
✫ Touch sensation brings a sense of safety and comfort.
✫ Tantric and Erotic Rootwork include Touch on the sacred Erogenous areas.

Sensual Rootwork is typically full-Body massages that focus purely on Pleasure and may or may not conclude with Erogenous massage. Sensual Rootwork is a relaxing form of massage that stimulates the Erogenous zones of the Body, not only to help alleviate stress but also to bring heightened states of Pleasure. It uses stimulation of the muscles coupled with the tactile sensation of the skin to relax and arouse the Body. The massage focuses on activation of Pleasure through Sensory stimulation. By focusing on activating the senses with various Sensual and novel stimuli, bringing out the Pleasures of the Human body. Following a relaxing massage of your entire Body, the practitioner may massage the Erogenous areas with or without orgasm.

Erotic Rootwork is a widely available experience that normally includes whole Body oil massage and may include Body-to-Body massage and mutual Touch. It’s a relaxing experience that allows Sexual expression in a comfortable and safe environment. It can also be great for stress relief and provide pampering and a release in the hands of another person. The focus of Erotic Rootwork is to activate physical Pleasure and Sexual arousal, with the goal of orgasm, climax or sexual release.

Tantric Rootwork is carried out in a Ritual that returns the Body to it’s natural state, a state of relaxation and Expansion, Wholeness and Aliveness, where Life force Energy is moving, flowing and is in a continuous exchange of giving and receiving with Life. Our Energy channels must be open in order for Energy to flow. Naturally, Energy flows within our Bodies, however Energy  become blocked when stress, trauma and patterns of protection cause muscle tension and Energetic “contractions” in our system. These contractions prevent the flow of Energy and may eventually cause pain and numbness. Sexual Energy is a potent Energy that contains Life force Energy and the ability to create Life. This ancient Traditions practice harnesses this Energy and use it to Heal the Bodies, Regenerate Cells, cure Illness, increase the Vibration of the Body, enhance Vitality, and clear the Body from blocked Energy, unprocessed traumas and unexpressed Emotions.

Tantric Rootwork involves the movement of Energy throughout our Bodies by creating safety and relaxation in the Nervous System, so that Life force Energy is Awakened from within and distributed throughout the Nervous System, infusing Consciousness into the Body and Spirit in matter. As the Body returns to its Natural state, Soul senses Wholeness and Connectedness between Physicality and Sexuality and Spirituality. Hence Sexuality becomes a portal for accessing Higher states of Consciousness, self Awareness and Nature as a Spiritual and Sexual being. The goal of Tantric Rootwork is not to achieve orgasm, but neither does it refuse to do so. Tantric Rootwork allows us to enter into a space of Presence with no goal, beyond the Mind, where we can access Infinite possibilities and Healing through the innate Intelligence and Wisdom of the Body.

Tantric Rootwork is often confused with Erotic Rootwork because it involves massaging the entire Body, and may include the Erogenous areas. However Erotic Rootwork goal is usually to achieve climax and release sexual tension.

Whereas Tantric Rootwork focuses on creating conditions for Life force to naturally arise from WITHIN as opposed to being activated by external stimulus and move throughout the Body delivering the Healing Power of Sexual Energy to your Cells. As a result, Tantric Rootwork does not include ejaculation or sexual release. Instead, Tantric Rootwork teaches how to circulate and contain orgasmic Energy within the Body, separating Orgasm and release for prolonged Pleasure and increased Vitality leading to full-body or multiple orgasms as the entire Body begins to Vibrate and Pulse with Life force Energy.

When involving Tantric erogenous massage  each individual is different  and depends on the sensitivity and need of the receiver. While in Erotic Rootwork the focus is on the physical aspect of release.

Tantric Rootwork is focus is with the Healing impact of Touch. A fundamental aspect of Tantric Rootwork is the use of breathing slowly and deeply in through the Nose and out the Mouth during the massage (both the giver and receiver). The purpose of breathing is to anchor Consciousness in the Body, and move towards a Meditative state of Deep Relaxation, creating spaciousness within and expanding Energy and Pleasure sensations to integrate and reabsorbe this Energy into the Body thereby increasing ones Pleasure capacity.

Finally, Tantric Rootwork connects our Sex and Heart so that sexuality becomes infused with the frequencies of Oneness, Love and Bliss. Tantric Rootwork without the quality of Heart are useless. The quality of Love infused in Touch reconnects us with the Healing Power of Source Energy and sends ripple effects throughout our lives.

I am There for you & here for Eachother

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