Our Soul Body is the Pure Light Consciousness of our Soul. Our first initiate Journey and Path to this Human Life is to Experience and live from Soul Consciousness. 

✫ Operate from limited ego consciousness.
✫ Unaware of the Light and purity of Soul.
✫ Self-critical, focusing on limitations limited understanding of self.
✫ Self-concept is defined by personality.
✫ Inner reality is dominated by thoughts.
✫ Actions are controlled by social conditioning and subconscious programming.
✫ Often feel alone/isolated and are unable/avoid connecting with the subtle aspects of our being.

Developed: As we become and move conscious, we realize that our human identity is a unique expression of our Soul Essence. We learn to listen to the intuitive and instinctual messages from our Soul, instead of following the dictates of our dualistic Mind and automatic reactions. We relate to our Fire Energy as the Light of our Soul instead of expressing it as Anger and Impulsiveness. We accept our Aloneness, value our Individuality, cultivate a special relationship with our Soul, and enjoy our unique path.


Negative/Protective Mind
Our negative mind is a protective and preventative mechanism. It warns us of danger to prevent undesirable outcomes. Our negative/protective Mind is our analytical mind, which is able to calculate, measure, and figure things out.

✫ Negative mind frightens and makes self Cynical and Pessimistic.
✫ Overly critical, Judgmental, Self-effacing, and Self-punishing.
✫ Unconscious negative Mind links up with negative Conditioning, offering a voice and Rationalization for Victimization, Poverty consciousness, and Poor-me Mentality.

Developed: When we control our Mind, instead of our Mind controlling us, we can use our negative/protective Mind to clarify situations and to avoid risks and pitfalls. Our negative mind is a powerful administrator that can be Realistic, Decisive, Determined, and Directed. 

Positive/Expansive Mind
Our positive/expansive Mind gives us information about beneficial possibilities and evolutionary outcomes. Our positive Mind accesses our Creative, Artistic Gifts and Supports us in achieving our full Potential and a state of Happiness.

✫ In its naive state, Positive/Expansive Mind avoids making Realistic choices and escapes into Denial, Fantasies, and Wishful thinking.
✫ Attitudes of Entitlement and Self- aggrandizing.
✫ Expands limited Ego in Self-destructive ways.

Developed: Our Positive/Expansive Mind is Optimistic and inspires us to keep going even during difficult times. It points us toward our Soul and the Infinite. It makes it possible to feel free to express our unique self. 

Neutral Mind
Our neutral Mind takes us out of our Dualistic Mind and delivers us to our Peace channel. Our Neutral Mind must be Awakened and Operational to access Higher states of Consciousness, giving us access to our Intuition and connection to the Universal Mind. Operating from Soul Consciousness and directs us toward our Higher Good knowing our Truth.

✫ Simply does not have access to our Higher Mind, Intuition, and Soul identity.
✫ Lives in Dualistic Mind, creating an indulgence in conflict.
✫ A slave to Duality and cannot find inner Peace.

Developed: In our Neutral Mind we are able to perceive Reality beyond our external senses and the mental manipulation of our Dualistic Mind. In our Neutral Mind we are able to be Non-judgmental, Fair, Truthful, Detached and at Peace. We don’t react to or get pulled into dramas and stories. We simply Observe and maintain our Neutral state.


It is important to note that numerically the Physical Body comes after the Mind and before the last five subtle Bodies, which are activated by the proper care and alignment of our Physical Body and requires Awake and Alert Mental Attention. Our Human experience and all aspects of Manifestation happen in our Body. Our goal is to Optimize, not escape or squander our precious Human experience. The Anatomical systems of our Physical Body include: the Circulatory, Lymphatic, Respiratory, Digestive, Endocrine/Glandular, Nervous, Muscular-skeletal, Immune, and Reproductive systems. All these systems must be Stimulated, Aligned and taken care of to maintain a Healthy Body. Their optimal functioning is critical for Emotional Balance and for Awakening of Consciousness.

✫ Without Non-verbal Sensory Awareness of Body, self remains in Mind.
✫ Disconnected from the instinctual messages transmitted from Soul, these messages are perceived as Pain and Annoyances.
✫ Loss of the Richness of our Human Experience and succumb to Stress, Anxiety and Emotional frustration.

Developed: When we take good care of our Physical Body through appropriate Exercise, Food and Care our Body serves us beyond a transport system of our Mind, enjoying Physical Pleasures feeling Alive and Vibrant. We can maintain good Health and a sense of Well-being relaxing into the flow of Life, connect with Nature, Align with Natural forces, and feel Nurtured by Mother Earth. We can Manifest in Physical Reality, take care of our basic Needs, and be successful in the World. 


The Arc Line is the Halo of Light around our Head, which establishes our Connection with the Divine. The Arc Line supports and illumines our Neutral Mind. The Clarity of our Arc Line makes it possible to Perceive the Truth and to lift the veil of Illusion and Fear. Through our Arc Line, we can establish a stable, Pure Connection with the Universal Mind and attain God Consciousness. The Arc Line includes: the Throat, Ajna (Third Eye), and Crown Chakras.

✫ Reality is confined by the Thoughts in Dualistic Mind.
✫ Intuition is weak with limited Attention and Awareness.
✫ Thoughts generated in Dualistic Mind command our Attention.
✫ In denial of what is not available to Rational Thought process, which means that Perceived Reality is very limited.
✫ Lives in Fear because we feel separate from the Infinite.

Developed: A strong Arc Line is developed and sustained through Meditation. A Bright Arc Line gives us Clarity and Peace of Mind. We shift into another Higher Reality, where we Transcend Fear and access Love. We perceive our Oneness with Universal Energies. We feel Protected and Guided by the Infinite. We Trust and Follow our Intuition. Our Projective Power is Clear and Focused and our Power of Prayer is Strong.


Our Aura is the Electromagnetic Field around our Body. It is a composite Energetic statement of our Mental, Physical and Emotional condition. The Frequency and Coherency determines what we Attract, how we Interact and the extent to which we are influenced by External Forces. The state of our Aura determines our Ability to Express with Integrity our Soul Identity.

✫ Feel vulnerable; tend to hide or distance in an attempt to protect self.
✫ Unable to contain our Energy and constantly feel the need to be alone to Replenish and to Consolidate.
✫ Weak Energetic Boundaries can be penetrated by External or Manipulative Energies.
✫ Easily influenced and self Energies can be Used and Abused and attempt to accommodate to try to feel comfortable.

Developed: When our Aura is Strong, we feel Safe and Protected. We feel Comfortable being in a crowd because we can Maintain our Boundaries and our Identity. We are Aware of our Energetic Presence and are able to Contain, not Leak, our Energy.


Our Pranic Body is the mechanism that Breathes our Breath – our Inhale and Exhale. Our Pranic Body receives Life-giving Energy/Oxygen and gives Carbon Dioxide back to feed Plant Life. Our Pranic Body continuously Connects us with the Universal Source of All Life.

✫ Breath is short and shallow.
✫ Lack Vitality, easily use up our Energy and need to Revitalize self.
✫ Often addicted to Caffeine, Tobacco, Drugs, Junk Food or Sugar, which serve as quick fixes to get Energy.
✫ Generally Fear-based and not connected in feeling Awareness to our Body.
✫ Pranic Body operates at a minimal level to survive.

Developed: Our Breath is generally Long and Deep and furnishes us with the Energy we need to feel Vital and Alive. We are able to both Give and Receive and have a Positive, Prosperous Attitude. We can Consciously use our Breath to change our state, i.e., to increase Energy or to Relax.


Our Subtle Body corresponds to the Evolutionary Energetic Field of our Emotional Body and Higher states of Energetic Sensitivity. Our Subtle Body expresses the Flowing Polarity of our Soul, which includes our Feeling and Instinctual Awareness.

✫ Lack Subtle Awareness.
✫ Co-opted by Emotional Drama and Conflict.
✫ Scattered, Confused and Unaware of what our Subtle Energies are doing.
✫ Generally live in Fear-based Consciousness and are Reactive.
✫ Often attract Negativity and fall to attract or even be Aware  of Opportunities around us.

Developed: We are Aware of our Subtle Energies and can use them to Heal ourselves and others. Our Emotional Energy can be used as a Source of Pleasure, Aliveness and Sustenance. We Attract to us what we Need and more. We are at Peace in our Body and live in Soul Awareness. We can be Kind to ourselves and others.


Our Radiant Body is the Golden Light around our Aura that protects us and makes us Magnetic. Our Radiant Body simultaneously registers the expansion and containment of our Soul Self in our Body. 

✫ Vulnerable, Shy and Unprotected.
✫ Aura, no matter how Strong, Needs our Radiant Body to feel Safe and Contained.
✫ Lack Magnetism and chases after things to get our Needs met.

Developed: When our Radiant Body is Strong, we feel Safe, Contained, and Courageous. We can Act and Speak our Truth. Our Activated Radiant Body Consolidates and Protects an integrated sense of Wholeness. When our Radiant Body is Strong, we can hold the Pure Light of our Soul for Healing ourselves, others and our Environments. And we magickally Attract to us what Serves our Destiny Path. 

I am There for you & here for Eachother

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