You are Perfect exactly as you are.
Your Body, Your Heart field, Your Voice, Your Work, EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU is exactly as it should be. Your tangible Desire receiving Desired wealth starts within. Today lead with your Body. Everything you do is connecting us into the Womb into the Heart by expressing and speaking to BEING Seen & Heard.

What does it feel like for me to BE me?

Connect into your Desires that arrive for you and what it is that you actually Desire to do, to move and how you actually Desire to be with one another. All these questions cannot be answered in the Mind, Desires can only be answered by the Body.

I invite you to began to take a few deep breaths closing down your Eyes and hold your Womb space and Heart. Just begin to breathe deeply into these spaces. Ahh and just notice what’s coming up for you and what Desires to settle and land.

How do I desire to Lead?
How do I desire to lead my Purpose?
How do I desire to give my Purporse?
What is my devotional Vision?
What is my devotional Vision for myself?
What brings me Joy when it comes to Visions, Healing and Expanding my capacity to receive more?

Without sacrifices, what does that feel like in your Body? and allow this to come alive within. Just notice until you really get anchored to express in anyway in which comes alive from your Body, without overthinking. Sacred Authority of leading with your Body is through receiving in your most natural state your Desire Purpose in which feels Good, Supportive and Nourishing for you.


Thee most is Beautiful thing about you is YOU.
The most Beautiful thing you are creating for yourself and for All is to just be Authentically you. Life is HERE and NOW happening for you, not to you. Today allow everyday to be an Awakening of your Truth.

I invite you to continue tapping into your Womb and Heart and Note all you speak that you ARE and that you Desire. Note what is alive for you in your Petitions.

Who am I?
Who do I Desire to be?
What qualities am I drawn to?
Am I these qualities?
How are these qualities my Essence and Expression?
What qualities do I need to fine-tune within me?
How can I safely release what does not Attune to my Vision, Desire & Purpose?

I invite you to look deeper at how you Desire to be and where the gap in your threads that are woven into your stories of limitations in which keep you from Being who you Authentically are.


What you Devote & Serve is How you Value one another and yourself. You are WHOLE and Deserve your clear Vision Desires & Purpose. Your Abundance, aligns with your Value. It is here where your Remedies form from your Heart & Spirit.

I invite you to take a deep breath and sigh looking at your creation.

How do I feel about my Vision Desire & Purpose?
Does my Desire Vision & Purpose align with Wholeness?

What comes to fruition is your sacred Rootwork, your wealthy Abundance. Your Remedies expand yourself and one another through opportunities of committed Trust.

What is going to continue feeling good so that I can continue to feel aligned to Receive?
What will include all in levels in which one another can enrich Abundance?
How does my Vision & Desire serve opportunities?

In your nourishing and luscious Awareness of Devotional commitment to your Truth you will find Authentic pleasure in your Purpose in which you share.


Anchor into your Values within your essences Truth. Your Petitions is your system of what you hold True to yourself and align for one another. These Desires and Needs are Remedies that anchor and provides clarity to one another. Your invisioned Rootwork is humanities higher nourishing frequency of Abundant support.

I invite you to note, see and feel Beauty of your Rootwork Passion and Petition your promise of these True Values for you and for Humanity.

What is my Passion here to serve?
How does my Passion aliven me?
How does my Passion nourish and support Humanity?


Come Alive! As Your Abundance is in connection Giving and Receiving Your Magick and Power within and out your Body. In your Power you should never feel confused or otherwise anxious about your Magick. Always go with your gut. Devotees are eager to help paying Devotes no matter how you connect. Always authenticly take Authority of what you can control and compassionately soften in your authority in what one can not control through your discernment in your Rituals, Care and Services.

I invite you to embody anchor this Energy and notice what it feels like to hold and give yourself some space.

Settle into your Body & Express yourself!  Breath deeply and Always Connect within your Heart & Womb. Nurture your Magick & Nourish your Remedies within and through your sweet Divine Devotion.

I am There for you & here for Eachother

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