Amrita The Nectar of the Goddess
Ananda Divine Oneness with Higher Realms of Holy Peace.
Atman The Essence of Perfection inherent to all Creatures.
Cascarilla – eggshells to remove evil, neutralize negative influences, for protection.
Chakras Nerve centers of the Seven Subtle Body; Base of the Spine, Genitals, Belly, Heart, Throat, Forehead (Third Eye), and the Top of the Head.
Consecrated Items are prepared and Blessed on the Altar of the called upon Deity. Consecrated items are Blessed and gather Power on Altar before given. Intention draws upon the Energy of the Elements, Angels and Spirits as the creation begins with Cleansing and Blessing of each Herb, Flower and Root. The Divinity given Power, is Awakened and Purposed. You must be clear in your Intention and Purpose throughout your work. If you are unclear or have doubt, wait until you Mind and Vision is Clear. You must; have reverence for their Power. Lack of Respect or intentional misuse will cause unfortunate events to occur.
Darma Your Soul’s Purpose; a completion of Karma through Divine Servitude.
Darshan Inner Vision; to see a great or Holy individual, either human or Divine.
Dharma Divine duty, or Highest Spiritual Path.
Eucalyptus – boiled in water for 7 minutes to open roads.
Florida Water – for cutting and clearing and deep cleansing; poured in a cross to create change.
Goat’s Milk – for strength, gentleness, endurance, spiritual purity, fertility and creativity.
Hatha “Sun joins the Moon” symbolically translates to the Soul’s Connection with the Body.

Holy Water – for purification, peace, healing and blessings; poured in a cross to create change.
Kama Love.
Karma The accumulated Effect in this Life of Deeds and Actions in past lives.
Kriya System of Internal Purification and Cleansing Process.
Maha Great, Mighty one.
Nadis Subtle Nerve channels related to Physical Body and Energy Healing.
Nirvana Ultimate Spiritual state of Peace, a place that transcends Birth and Death and Absolute Freedom.
Petals of White Flowers – for purity and beauty.
Prana Energy, the breath of Life Force; received by the Body from pure Food, Nurturing, Healing and Self Transformation.
River Water – for sweetness and luck.
Sattva Joy.
Sutra Lesson.
Upandishads Teachings of Vitality Foundation – Hormone Balance – Nutrition/Self-Care – Ceremony – Presence – Boundary Creation – Inner Child Healing – Womb & Trauma Clearing – Sacred Sexuality – Orgasmic Living – Sovereign Soul – Heart’s Art – Embodied Dharma.

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