I love in ways
You Light up… I am You.
Touch in ways I desire to be.
Perfection in every caress.
Love from Me to You.
Sensitive mattas

To the Creative Abundance that is the very form of this Universe.
Who Gives Happiness and Prosperity
Who Seek Blessing for sound Health for Ourselves and Others.
Purity in Being and Universal Transformation.
I am Love. I am Divine.

Purity of your Heart opens the pathways of the Original Codes of Love that are alive within. Your innocence of true nature of Love carry tender Embrace. In this Embrace, you heal within your Heart and past wounds, Loving Generously of being held and loved deeply. Your Womb, is a Holy Space Connecting you with the Sacred Star, Sacred Path, and Sacred Temples in the Cosmos, and through all of Eternity. Love is Noble, Kind, and Generous and your deepest values is worthy of being given, offer and to receive. Open and expand your capacity for loving Passionately with another and intimate love with self. Inviting you to dive inward Healing and Release the wounds Anchoring safety to The Divine Path.

Love is Devotion. Love is Meditation. Love is such a path a way, which is not related to Body and Mind. It is and becomes deeper and deeper unrestricted to Physical Love. Rising Above the Body and Mind.
As such, this Love transforms into Meditation and Devotion as Faith and Surrender in Love. This Transformation is Bound. We are Ready to Receive the Universal Love in Abundance, extending our Physical Attractions.
Love never Questions, Demands, nor Asks. LOVE IS TRUST AND SURRENDER. Do not refute that Physical Love should not be there. When in such Love, be not Ignorant nor immersed only in the Physical Frame unaware, what lays beyond.
Awake, Arise, be Aware, Think, Witness.
In effort to achieve something. Will, just happens, turning into Love, beyond Lust. And when Love becomes deeper and deeper, it forgets the Body and Mind. Rising Above it, becoming Divine.
Thus, as always, remembrance to come back. Come back to yourself.
Coming Home.
Home – Divine Home, from where you Received Wisdom, Knowledge, Devotion and the Divine Love.

I am in Love and you are that wonderful Love. I welcome with such Happiness. I feel my Body has become a Temple of Joy because of you. I grow within, and my Body swells with Pride. I’m taking good Care and take pleasure at thoughts of us together. My life within Love. In your Presence I feel you Strong and Healthy with such Loving Pride Bloom of Being.

I have a Beautiful Glow about me because I nourish you with Love and learn to relax more everyday. I anticipate your Presence with such Joy. I keep my mind Calm and Peaceful so that you can be Calm and Peaceful. I give you Love so that you Grow in Love and Trust in yourself, myself, and others.

Love I Promise,
to talk to you in such a way that you will Listen, and to Listen to you in such a way that you will talk. I will Respect your right to be yourself and I’ll help you to learn to Respect me and others. I promise to Encourage you to seek answers that will Lead you to know and appreciate this wonderful world around you. I promise to teach you with Love and Guidance, rather than anger and punishment. I will Teach you, and I will Learn from you. In return will provide opportunities to help grow in Love and Happiness.

Bestow my Heart as a seal upon yours, as a seal in your Arms.

In Love, In your Honour, and Reverence.
Nectar of Goddess,
Fountain of Divine Oneness,
Perfection of Peace in Higher Realms,
Inherent Sacred Energy.
From my Spine, my Womb, my Belly, Heart, my Throat, Inner Eye, and above my Head Provide Oneness of God.
Embody service to Heal through Purpose Completion to Inner Vision of Individual Human-Divine.
Power in this Life, of Deeds and Actions,
in Past Lives cleanse;
Light of Mighty One, with many parts, in form
of Sacred Union.
Eliminating challenges of the Soul, Physical
Body and Energy.
Foremost Birth and Death and absolute
Freedom Nuturing Sacred Joy in Love.
Sacred Nectar of the Gods.

Sunshine smile, radiating Joy.
I love your charm and passion cascading Beauty;
Guiding encouragement your Heart is Proud.
Bursting light of Protective Hope for simplicity in Peace.
Reliable Balance and Strong at will.
Sensual Compassion Nuturing Honorable Loyalty, through Integrative Patience. Healing in Healthy life giving Happiness for who I See;
what I Feel;
and how I Deserve to Be.

Fruitful of Heavens Dew and Earths Riches. Brightening warm light deeper Within. Trusting in all ways. Every Morning light drips slowly onto my Body, and into my touch. Through my veins flows steady, sensations always dreamt of.
Tears of my Heart, the place I fell deeply in Love.
Witness Myself.
Morning Dew of Fruitful Heaven caress me.
Slightest pleasure breathe through me and through out the Morning light.
Crisp breeze sends Pearls Heavens kiss.
What presence thine Love. Within and All around me. Vibrant Soulflames hold. What wonders does Love cherish, the World of your life and how you Love me when you are ready to shine upon. You are the Stars in my Heart throughout the Day with all of my Love for you, and Family, and in Hopes, ours.

Resting in a warm cloud of your Life your Love the Kindness of Love and Service to all crossing paths with eachother facing forward in this moment I honour you, and live through this potent threshold of Life and her Life in the same way as pure Presence in his medicine and my own. The meaning for Happiness of your Life and Loved ones at their own medicine for you and Family, in communion, and to rise of Energy to the whole Universe.

Every touch and point of contact caress a flow, a River of My Womb connected through a sea of my Heart, an Aphrodisiac of blended soft sand upon Bodies inner pleasure. Explore my Whole Body with care. You truly enriched Happiness with your Love and Gift of lasting memories of your Kindness and Generosity.
With sincerity all you are is a Joy in such a way truly blessed thoughtfulness. Lucky to have your warmth to Life, and our Heart. Your presence an infinite Thank Yous in a precious Flowers. As each petal is placed upon may each focus be Blessed.

A flow of White Rose petals to yours’, mine, and our Home and Space. A flow of Baby Breath petals to yours’, mine, and our Rituals and Routines. A flow of Orchid petals to yours’, mine, and our Goal and Alignment Setting. A flow of Pink Rose petals to yours’, mine, and our Personal Development. A flow of Blue Lotus petals to yours’, mine, and our Financial Plan and Budget. A flow of Pink Peony petals to yours’, mine, and our Vibe Maintenance. A flow of Star Jasmine petals to yours’, mine, and our Nutrition. A flow of Star Magnolia petals to yours’, mine, and our Restful Sleep. A flow of Gardenia petals to yours’, mine, and our Hydration and Movement. A flow of Magenta Rose petals to yours’, mine, and our Personal and Dental Hygiene. A flow of Red Rose petals to yours’, mine, and our Sexual Intimacy. A flow of Orange Rose petals to yours’, mine, and our Prayers and Meditation. A flow of Gold Rose petals to yours’, mine, and our Purpose and Soul Mission. A flow of Pink Hibiscus petals to yours’, mine, and our Inner Child Healing. A flow of Pink Lotus petals to yours’, mine, and our Shadow and Light work. A flow of Red Hibiscus petals to yours’, mine, and our Family and Friends. A flow of Orange Hibiscus petals to yours’, mine, and our Romantic Partners. A flow of White Hibiscus petals to yours’, mine, and our Sense of Community. A flow of Gerber Daisy’s petals to yours’, mine, and our Service and Advocacy. A flow of Lavender and Sunflower petals to Honor yours’, mine, and our boundaries Within and Without.

Open paths, cups full, may tongues be our allies and gatekeeper always give permission  to come and go.

Charms and Beauty seduce the eye,
Aroma fills my Day,
Roots and Fruits feed my Being.
Naked Dream, Fire Kiss, loose hair, Joy emerged, radiant blood Shape and Beauty.

Threshold-Power, Transition-Mysterious, Bless truth Become Became.

Kind rays and night journeys recieve with good pleasures we Give and Rejoice in given. Free of limited vision renew Hope to palpable reality not of what can’t must; than do what can do. Desire and Passion with no end.

As Love dwells death, never let Love and Death be on opposite sides and Rejoice souls procession. Life sweetness drinks in Grace, Sea that feeds, belly that fertile of Heart and Peace personify rhythm of celestial gentle, and Love be safe, not a burden, Flowers enchant Life, not thee grave.

I called you by name of Father, King, Emperor, I called you God. A flood of tears when you recognized me as your own. Thundering and roaring as your voice shouts across reaching the Heavens. Rejoice the gifts of Grace of the Father of Men.

Flowers soaking in Milk and Honey, I water the Flowers I pray, and a charm, I close your pains. With Flowers and Milk I introduce you to anew.