I loved you the moment I could feel your breath through my Feet and on my Skin, the soil and sand between my Toes, and the scent of Purity. Such sweet Nectar of Nourishment. The way your wind Kisses my Skin and warms my Body and the rain of your tears to clean and cleanse me of the up roar of your Strength that creates chaos and disasters. Such the flow and waves of your Beauty that is so sensual; awakening pure erotic Energy fueling and thriving my Heart and Soul.

Infinity totality of Soul,
Life Birth of form from Spirit,
Death is transformed.
Rebirth in Body.
Freedom in all levels of Being is priceless true liberation. As all trivial and poisonous creation break; authentic growth through courageous vulnerability.

The room is almost completely black, just lit with a few candles, bringing us to a deeper state within, Magic fills in your Presence, Humanity and Divinity Enlights our Head. Loving harmoniously aligned, softening into my Compassin our Vision. Purest Essence of Embrace ease, leading our journey of every move connected through my Heart. Opening Desire in my Voice expressing our emotions through and throughout my Throat
You; my Soulmate, Balance and Ignite our Heart and Being. The Divinity and Eternal Flame of Love begins to speak. Nurturing fulfillment in no place of judgment or distraction.
Penetrate our Power, caress and tickle my Skin as we co-connect Creativity and Rebirth of All.
Pleasures to observe and witness Within and All around us. Love deeper in Presence.
May our path delicate and vibrant, Blossom and guide You and I to Release and Nourish in Love.

Sifting through the thoughts and chosen words to speak. Moving through each day coming closer back to you and my pure Truth, tears roll down my face with Joy and Gratitude.
Gratitude speaks through my Body.
Awakening deeper Truths.
The Passion, this Flame.
I adore you, within Embrace,
I nurture your existence for within as with your presence is the seed of Truth.

Floowssss…..everything Elivens.
Deeper Wisdom of Intelligence arousal.
Immense Love
Purpose Desire
Open Gates
Walking on clouds.

Loyalty is were I find We.
Devotion, Love;
and how You and I show up in all forms; submerging within.
Oh how a Kiss brings me Home. Filled with Glory, mmm how profound you feel enriching the Bitters of the Sea,
the Streams of the Rivers,
Sweet Creams,
Thick Honey,
and Sage of Wisdom.
Truth lives within Trust.
With every thought, every feeling, and every Action, healing Surrender guiding our Intentions in eachothers Needs and Desires.

Divine play of vibes, sensual radiance moving my Heart throughout my Body.
Accessing my Heart emotional frequency.
I feel You …
I feel Life …
Your Hands are so full of intention, that every brush of your palms feels like you’re writing a novel on my skin …

Something so simple to explain … a word … into meaning, more than a Name.
In a Dictionary book before you can find the word you must know how to spell it.
So everyday, more and more, a letter, per letter of scribbles, to a word.. to hold True of these words,
I Love You.

Insatiable are of words to describe our Embrace same feeling and much much more than Lips; yet as wonderful as each Touch.
I’m Home.
And there We are.
If Lips lie, that not of mine. To have and to hold much more.
So as I ponder, I wonder, of these …
I feel Joy when I …
And you bring me Joy when you …
I Deeply Desire …
And I truly Appreciate you for …
I Deeply Love …

Attend unto my cry,
give Ear onto my Prayer,
I have call upon thy,
for thou wilt hear me.
Incline thine Ear unto me,
and hear my speech.

Loving-kindness thou savest by thy Hand,
Trust in thee, whom kept me under thy wing; and compasses our steps down to the Earth.
For you knoweth the secrete of my Heart.

Bless’d are testimonies who seek with whole Heart and shall not be ashamed;
with respect unto all thy commandments. Wherewithal shall young cleanse heeding thereto according to thy word.

Rejoice in All,
Open thy Eyes upon precepts, that I may behold wondourous things.
Melteth in Heavens Strength thou grant me Graciously. Let thy Mercies come unto me, upon Hope.

I am a companion of all Kindness.
Let my Heart be sound, and Light a path.
Uphold me according unto Love, that I may Live; and let me not be ashamed of my Hope and Will. Hold thou me up, and I shall be safe, and have respect unto thee Love.

Let my supplication come before thee, my sweet utter thine help, for I shall seek service together. Evermore delight our Love.