Regardless of gender, a duality of Masculine energy and Feminine energy exists in the Universe and within us as individuals. The Universal Masculine, and Universal Feminine.  
In spirituality, the Masculine is the witness consciousness (formless), whilst the Feminine is all of Creation (Form) – the birthing energy of all that is created in the Universe. Thus, Divine. Divine Mother energy resides as the power of fertility, to birth (creativity), and nurture new life.
We are a field of sensation and awareness. Our internal felt  intrinsic language cultivates sensitivity to our Body Mind and Spirit.

I give thanks to my Ancestors Quijano, Zamot, Rivera, Annamunthodo, Piñero and Elders, those who have gone before and have walked these paths. May we collectively heal, transform, awaken, and reconnect with our creative wisdom.
Wishing an abunDance of love, bliss, creation, knowledge, embodiment, truth, authenticity, and heArt.

Love, Hope Respect, Peace Joy, Strong Faith.


What I truly know, guides my consciousness. Happiness is achieved by “doing right”.
As my self-knowledge and courage to do right are necessary conditions for a good life. My spirit is in reality continually healing from trauma and I am able to teach and reach from natural source.


As our feelings, emotions, and intuition come to light to catalyze renewal and regeneration at the level of the root wisdom heart, solar center and soul. We bring forth amplified feelings, emotions, and intuition connected to each other, belonging, stability, feeling grounded with support through ceremony.

Red Temple

The red temple is a place of empowerment of yourself and each other, to see as equal, listen without judgement, value unity, heal ourselves of small stresses, deep trauma, and deep connection

No discrepancy defines a soul in pure heart. Open your heart and share with me so we can find a way

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