HONOR this sacred space that is free from JUDGMENTS & AGENDAS with your WORDS and ACTIONS. Maintain a clean space and HONOR your BODY TEMPLE and SANCTUARY with freedom from Self Condemnation, Jealousy, Rivaliry and Competition. Every BEING is WORTHIER than the WORTHIEST and here to CELEBRATE eachother.

UNDERSTAND that there is BACKGROUND for our Past, Behavior and Actions. Each BEING is here to GROW and OFFER eachother the LOVING CARING SPACE to GROW. In so, the understanding of: the BEST you can in every single MOMENT. We come here to BE.

May we not be afraid of eachother and vow FEARLESSNESS and SWEETNESS. May we always be sweet to eachother. We are sweetness, that is our nature. SPEAKING the TRUTH, being truthful to OURSELVES and EACHOTHER. Honoring eachothers BOUNDARIES, and Truely LISTEN from ONE HEART and EAR. Our Presence is the greatest Present.

Mantra, Prayers, Intentions, Invocations and Stories avoid advising, pitting, criticizing, or any other statement in reference to one’s story. SHARING is a time for ACCEPTANCE of what is and invoking HELP and GUIDANCE to GROW from. If one wishes advice after, please, mention it during your sharing.

SACREDNESS of WHO WE ARE and OUR STORIES and honoring as: ALL THAT IS HERE is SACRED. Love is Compassion for and from knowing: I am already WHOLE and COMPLETE HERE and NOW. Knowing every Being here tells a story and every experience is here.