Dr. Doña Cortěs

Regardless of Gender, a Duality of Masculine Energy and Feminine Energy exists in the Universe and Within Us. In Spirituality the Universal Masculine is the Witness Consciousness (Formless), Whilst the Feminine Is All of Creation (Form). The Birthing Energy of all that is in the Universe. Thus, Divine. Mother Energy resides as the Power of Fertility. To Birth Creativity and Nurture a New Life. We are a field of Sensation and Awareness. Our internal felt intrinsic language cultivates sensitivity to our Body Soul and Spirit. I Give Thanks to my Ancestors, Elders, those who have gone before and have walked these Paths.

Andrèa Sophia Pinheiro

Feel your Heartbeat and Aliveness offering your Energy. Golden Light of Presence together. I invite you to close your outer Eyes opening your Inner Eye seeing Golden Light and Breathe. Feeling the Blessing of Emerald Light resonating Love pulsating your Blood and the rising and falling of your Belly bringing welcomed Awareness.

I Thank You for Being Here.

Below you an invitation a Grounding cord of Energy into your Womb Space descending with every Breath into the Earth connecting to Here; to be Held. Desolving any Physical tension. As you Root you Rise through your Spine creating alert relaxed Space.

You are Present.

In sacred union may we Heal, Transform, Awaken, and Reconnect with our Creative Wisdom. Wishing an Abundance of Love, Creation, Knowledge, Embodiment, Truth, Authenticity, and Heart.

I call upon Archangel Michael to clear all negative influences, from sources within and out. Give us Courage and Strength guide along to highest path of greatest good and show the way. I call upon Archangel Gabriel to bring messages of Love, Guidance, Hope and Inspiration. I call upon Archangel Raphael to heal Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually throughout all time. Return our Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit to wholeness and balance. I call upon Archangel Jophiel, to lift Spirits and bring Joy, Happiness, Love, Laughter, lightness of our Heart and Love of life. I call upon Archangel Uriel, to Purify Spirit and life with Pure Light, and allow to be a channel of Love and Service to all crossing paths. I call upon Archangel Chamuel, to Heal Harmonize and Bless every relationship in our life, for greater Harmony, Peace, Love and Light upon the Earth and one another. I call upon Archangel Tzadkiel, to bestow Compassion Divine Forgiveness, Mercy, and Origin. I call upon Archangel Azrael, to Aid, Transform, and Transition loved ones at their time. Oh, Siete Potencias que estais alrededor del Santo entre los Santos! Humildemente me arrodillo ante vuestro milagroso ante Dios, en nombre del sacratisimo y dulce, me devolvais la paz de espiritu y la prosperidad material, quitando de mi paso los escollos que son la causa de mis males, sin que jamas puedan volver a atormentarme. Mi corazon me dice, mas gloria al nombre bendito por los siglos de los. Asi sea en el nombre del! Espiritu Santo. Ayidame Chango! Escuchadme, Ochun! Atiéndeme, Yemoja! Mirame con buenos ojos, Obatala. No me desampares, Ogun! Seme propicio, Orula! Intercede por mi, Elegua! Santo Cristo de Olofi. Por los siglos seas bendito.

Quijano Zamot Annamunthodo Piñero
Love Hope Respect Peace

Sempre Fi
Libertas Per Veritatem
Holy Trinity

Love nor Forbidden nor Forgotten.
Sacred Beloved within Wombs King & Queen-dom.
Devotion, Trust, Sorrows, Grief and Pain. Surrender; upon Equal oracle Fertility. Wisdoms Teachings Temple Body of Loves Root, and Expressions foremost Sensational Beauty upon Knights, Bishops, Lords & Ladys.
Infinite Love thy Queens & Kings.


What I truly know, guides my consciousness. Happiness is achieved by “doing right”. As my self-knowledge and courage to do right are necessary conditions for a good life. My spirit is in reality continually healing from trauma and I teach and reach from natural source.

Morning Star Ceremony

As our feelings, emotions, and intuition come to light to catalyze renew and regenerate at the level of Root Wisdom, Heart, Solar Center and Soul, we bring forth amplified feelings, emotions, and intuition connecting to each other in belonging stability and grounded feelings with support through ceremony.

The Red Temple

The Red Temple is a place of empowerment in yourself and each other to see as equal, listen without judgement, value unity, heal ourselves of small stresses, deep trauma, and deep connection.

No discrepancy defines a soul in pure heart. Open your heart and share with me so we can find a way