I am

JUICY, Sweet, Holy Birth of Creation. My Desires comes Easily and Effortlessly. No matta what I be in, THIS is the Body of the Goddess and mi love it!

Sweeties pon Heart
Pum Pum multi-orgasmic Blessed be the Healin n’ Holy; whoeva has the privilege to enta. Love mi the way I want, need and deserve to be loved.

SACRED fruit of Mother-Father God is. I am Loved, Safe and Protected beyond measure. My connection to the Source flow’n thru all Life. One with this Source.
POWER free, POWER unlimited.

Mi invoke

n release pleas’n and accept’n neva at mi own Truth. Love n’ Acceptance my Creator n’ I. Loves unconditionally my own inherent Worthiness.
Speak’n up fo whoeva has mistaken mi fo the ghost of past.
My Needs, My True Desire.
No criticize.

Open up my Eyes, Release, Realize gentleness to midwife my Growth and Rebirth.

BLESS for the Power to create mi Life. BLESS for the Love, Support and Guidance ere to mi. These words Gratitude Abundantly.


With honest Eyes,
full of Attention,
Give dey priceless.
Not made to be loved in parts, to be Loved as Whole.

Kiss lingers on mi lips,
a Love Language,
Already understood.

Insatiable Sweets, blush’n cheeks and gentle speaks. Rippling waves of fruitous supples, Admist Honey sweet and Honey colored shuga pon mi Brown skin.
Bare my Beauty linger’n embers like a Curious Dream.

Mi appreciate 

ever’ting do.
Admire ever’ting Thank You.
Loving mi,
Done so much for us.
I see you, I notice good Love bless.

Delicious be dey Deepn’n.
Spine to Crown.

Soulful be mi soul-self HALO pon winged Body.
Shimmer Light with I Breath.
Love before Creation, Love WITHIN BEING.
Whine pon mi di feelings. Pour mi dey bless’n.

Smooth n Soft precious, believ’n.

Mi Heart kiss the Sky above and Earth below were dey MOON n’ STARS infuse.
Heard by you.

Enrich’n mi Life, shared memories. Safe SURROUND,
You matta.

BLESS fo reliable n’ thoughtful. Thanks be you support, You mean so much to me.

Her Ju – Ju Treajah

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