Venusian Moon

Venus has an 8-year cycle with 13 revolutions, including 5 synodic periods, or alignments of the Earth, Venus, and the Sun that is 19 months long (1.6 years) to creation. Throughout this 8 year cycle, Venus dances through the sky in 2 different phases, known as the Descent and Ascent Phase, named in relation to her proximity with the Sun and the Moon. In her Morning Star phase, she Ascents before the Sun as the Venus-Moon Conjunctions cycle on Waning phase of the Moon. In her Descent phase she moves deeper from our view on Earth to return and rise again, shifting into her Ascent phase. In her Descent phase, Venus returns as the Evening Star rising before the Sun as Venus-Moon Conjunctions cycles with the Waxing phase of the Moon.

Lunar Journal

Daily Sensual Reflection Workbook. Including Lunar Phases and Sacred Birthing Plan.

Ayurvedic Nutrition

In Mindfulness nutrition arranged by the three Doshas: Vata (Air), Pitta (Fire), and Kapha (Earth/Water) nuture your body with assortments of food in this food group Guidebook.

Flower Languages

Flowers work on the Quantum Physical level where a flower essence has no trace of the flower remains. It is in this energy flowers connect to our emotions. Enjoy this flower quantum flower meaning Guidebook.

Mind & Life Evaluation

Self Care Assessment Workbook

Hearts Desire

Intention Planning Workbook