Take time to notice where connection begins. Researchers gathered our data from botany, ecology, human anatomy physiology, medicine, nutrition, medical ecopsychology.

An object either remains at rest or continues to move at a constant velocity, unless acted upon by a force. The sum of the forces on an object is equal to the mass of that object multiplied by the acceleration.
When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body.
All species of organisms arise and develop through the natural selection of small, inherited variations that increase the individual’s ability to compete, survive, and reproduce evolutionary theory.

  •  Sequential thinking of consciousness
  • understanding of personal path, ritual, ceremonies and daily choices.
  •  universal consciousness.

 Suffering originates from ignorance

  • Bring self union of mind, body and spirit through it’s eight limbs which include:
  • Opening your door, your heart to the world.Without looking out your window, and see the essence. The more you know, less you understand. The master arrives without leaving, Sees the light without looking, Achieves without doing a thing. Leading to immanent global destiny to live immortal


Yama: Universal Morality
Niyama: Personal Observance
Asana: Body Posture
Pranayama: Breathing Exercise
Pratyahara: Sense
Dharana: Concentration and inner perceptual awareness
Dhyana: Devotion and meditation on the Divine
Samadhi: Union of the divine Laws of truth that govern universe through karmic action and live in wholeness

“So without as within.”

“There is no matter without energy 

Cause and effect known as Prakut (potential energy) and (effect) Purusha become (Self awareness) Mahad which is equivalent to vital Prana (life force/ energy); giving Ahamkara (the birth of Buddhi).Self awareness is subdivided into the idea of right action (Sattva) in conjunction with unknown variables (Tamas) to produce change (Raja). The union of change (Vaisheshika) pertain varies of precept from our 5 senses , the (Atman) Soul, previous experience (Anumama), verbal testimonies (Shabha), and our conscious/subconscious mind 


Take 5 deep ocean cleansing breaths. Focus on intent to your mind and body and 3 more diaphragmatic breaths, on your exhale make any sound that comes natural and bring your awareness
• Shoulder down. Keep your chest open drawing your chest and chin to the sky. Inhale and exhale out . Inhale slowly curling your back sinking in your stomach drawing energy in following your exhale uncurl lengthening your back for set of 10
• On your last breath make 5 small round circles to the right and than 5 to your left
• When you are ready slowly walk your hands to the front leaning your chest forward and take a few gentle breaths. Pause.
• Walk your hands back and roll up slowly to a seated position. Lean your body to one side and come to hands and knees
• Take a breath gently lift your head up, and exhale curl your body in. On your next breath
• Tuck your toes under micro bend at the knee press your thighs up, driving your feet down and your hips to the sky
• Take a deep breath make sure knees are not locked out keeping slightly bent, feeling into your body, make any minor adjustments shifting your weight to either leg keep grounded at your feet. Slight bend at the elbow, while your hands are pressing into the ground, keeping your shoulders away from your ear.
• On your last in breath inch up to your feet to your hands and exhale
• Micro bend at the knee, inhale sink deeper bend forward and exhale
• Inhale lift your upper body half way • Exhale forward
• Inhale half lift your body and exhale
• hold repeat for 4 times
• Release place hands onto the ground walk or hop back drive your hips to the sky arching your upper body to the ground squeezing the front of your thighs. It is alright if your feet do not reach all the way to the ground
• Inhale raise your right leg back behind tightening the front part left thigh, while keeping right toes to shin
• Hold
• Push energy to the sole of your feet keep reaching
• Exhale bring leg back down to the earth and raise your left leg back tightening the front of your right thigh keeping your left toes to your shin
• Hold
• Exhale back to the ground
• Inhale raise your right leg back behind you keeping your toes to you shin hold
• Exhale Bring leg back to the ground • Inhale raise your left leg back keeping your toes to your shin hold . Take another deep breath hold and release
• Breath
•On your next breathe walk feet to your hands inhale
• Halfway lift your upper body sharp exhale
• Forward bend deep inhale
• Half lift your upper body
• Exhale release the arms giving both elbows a big hug.
• Sink deeper
• Hold for countdown 15
• And release
• Slowly roll your body up where your shoulder and head are the last to rise, feet together
• Beautiful
• Don’t worry if you don’t exceed perfectly, just focus on your body awareness for a set of 10. Inhale raise your arms above your head, exhale lower your body forward, inhale halfway lift upper body, exhale step or hop back, and lower your body down. Inhale raise your chest keeping your arms close to your body pressing your forearms to the ground arching your back hold, Exhale and lower your body down. On your next inhale tuck your toes and with your hands push your body rising up driving your hips to the sky arching your back to the ground exhale. Breathe, step or hop forward keeping your knees slightly bent. Inhale raise up and sweep arms above your head and back down to your side of your body
• Exhale and Repeat for 9 more repetitions
• Take a last cleansing breath
• Place left foot to your either your right ankle, calf, or upper inner thigh avoiding the knee, where its most comfortable Bringing you hands to prayer or any Mudra
• Hold for 20 seconds and release, Shake it out and switch legs hold for 20 seconds, release, shake it out.
• Take deep breath step right leg back to 45 diagonal bending your front leg straight down to a lunge be sure your knee above your ankle keeping your hips squared, grounding your back foot laterally squeezing the front part of your thigh
• Take deep breath reach both arms above your head sending energy through fingers lift from your chest exhale for 5 more breaths
• On your next inhale lean your upper body back exhale sending your arms behind for 3 more breaths
• On your next breath shift your weight to front of your left thigh pressing down and lifting your right leg back to the sky bringing both of your arms in front you hold for 10 seconds
• Bring your right leg back down to the ground straighten out your right leg put arms behind your back, reaching your chest forward while hinging at the hip to the front of your thighs
• If you are unable to, keep head to your knees
• Breath
• Release
• Slowly rise up
• Step forward
• Switch legs and repeat on left leg take deep breath turn to your left widen your legs and bend forward at the waist move your body to each leg and hold for 5 seconds on each leg back to center
• half way lift your upper body inhale raise up exhale lunge right foot forward left foot at 90 degree angle arms out parallel to your body
• Reach out sending energy through fingertips deepening your stretch keeping grounded at the sole of your feet down to your toes while tightening and opening your core
• Take a deep breathe bring your right arm to your inner thigh. Swooping your left up through tilting your upper body to the right palms facing down looking past your fingers • Breath
• If you want to challenge yourself you can bind by lowering your chest bring your right arm behind and under your leg holding the other hand and peel away your shoulder to the sky.
• For those who want to go even further bend a bit at the knees bring back leg closer press down slightly and stand for 5 cleansing breaths
• Unbind release and or rise to the sky • In breath reach your right arm back left arm fall to left leg
• Exhale and repeat on left side
• Inhale slowly rise to and exhale
• Deep breathe hands to the ground hop or step back lowering your upper body lift your right leg up into your body sweeping your right foot up and over to left hip lowering your body keeping your chest high to the sky breathe
• On your next inhale lean your body exhale release forward take deep breath left your body up bend and your left knee
• If you want to challenge yourself reach both or left hand grab your left foot
• Exhale release left hand and foot to the ground breathe lean forward switch leg and repeat
• Inhale shift your weight to the right side bring right leg forward to hands and knees
• Thread your right hand to left arm for 5 slow breathes un-thread and thread your left hand to right shoulder for 5 more slow breaths and un-thread
• Back to hands and knees roll up to kneeling
• Bring both your hands back behind you lift your chest to the sky finger facing behind, breathe gaze through hold for countdown of 20 and release arms
• Extend left leg out swooping your right arm over to the left leg
• Breathe
• Come back to hands and knees
• Extend right leg out swooping your left arm over to left leg breathe
• Back to hands and knees
• Inhale extend right leg and right arm, toes to shin squeezing your knees exhale bend and bringing your arm and leg back
• Inhale lift your left leg and left arm, toes to shin squeezing your knees exhale bend and bring arm and leg back
• Inhale and Exhale repeat 5 more times
• Release to hands and knee
• Repeat for three more breaths
• Keep balance strengthen your core and keep the front of your thighs tight • Take another breathe release
• Come up to hands and knees to a seated position
• Sit wide legged inhale, and exhale forward. Bend reach finger tips down to the ground. Breathe Hold 20 second countdown
• Slowly raise your chest to the sky and bring both legs together
• Inhale reach upper body forward exhale touch chest to knees or hands to shin or toes
• Hold countdown 20
• Breathe slowly
• Inhale bend right knee placing right foot to inner left hip crease exhale. Inhale reach your body forward with your left index and middle finger grab your big toe. For even deeper bind move right hand behind your back to right foot and exhale
• Hold breath countdown 10 seconds. Breathe and release
• Inhale bend left knee placing left foot to inner right hip crease exhale reach upper body forward reaching right index and middle fingers to big toe. Bind with left hand behind your back to left foot, hold, breath for 10 seconds, breath and slowly release your left leg raise your body to the sky
• Inhale
• Exhale bend your knees together and hug your knees
• Inhale, Exhale release legs
• Inhale raise both your legs balancing on the middle of your bottom while tightening your core
• Take a deep breath and slowly roll you upper body down keeping your legs up
• As you lower to the ground bend the knees for flat back
• Breathe and hug knees to chest and release legs to the ground
• Lay on the right side
• Rest your head on your upper arm.
• Inhale bend your right arm and lift your head. Exhale and bring your right hand to cup and support your head with your fingers pointing toward your shin. Toes to shin. Gently breath hold your whole body in one line from elbow to heels.
• Inhale bend your left knee and grab a hold of your big toe with your left index and middle finger
• Reach your right leg toward the sky • Maintain your balance and hold for 10 seconds
• Release your toe and right leg. Roll to left side and repeat on the left side
• Inhale
• Exhale and release lower down and roll onto your stomach
• Come up to hands and knees
• Lower your hips to your heels of your feet relaxing your arms in front of you. You can also place your palms up or have your arms down to your side
• Take 5 deep breaths on your last breath back to hands and knees
• Walk your hands out to your hips over the knees and hold. Breath for countdown 20 seconds deep breathe and
• Lower upper body down arms above your head tightening your core while lifting both arm and legs
• Breath hold for countdown 20 seconds release
• Keep breathing and repeat
• If you want you may bring arms to your side and hold for countdown of 5 and release
• Gentle breath bend your knees rock your legs side to side
• Inhale rise to hands and knees
• Exhale lower your hips to your heels • Inhale rise to hands and knees
• Exhale curl in your toes. Inhale lower your hips to your heels and your head to the earth
• On your next inhale slowly roll your body up and your chest to the sky place one hand to the ground and roll to one side. Inhale and exhale unbend your knees and place your feet in front of you keeping your chest to the sky. Inhale and exhale slowly roll your body back to the ground
• Inhale bend your knees and put the soles of your feet on the earth
• Exhale draw your right knee into your chest and extend your left leg flat onto the earth your left toes to the sky. Inhale.
• Exhale and cross your right knee over your body to the ground on the left side.
• You can hook your right foot behind your left knee.
• Open and extend your right arm to the right, keeping it lined with your shoulders. Relax your left hand on your right knee or extend it to the left. Keep your palms toward the sky. Turn your head and rest over your shoulder through your fingertips. Hold for 10 breathes
• On your exhalations, release your right knee and your right shoulder forward
• Hold 10 breaths. Inhale draw your left knee to chest and repeat
• Inhale release and exhale both legs to the ground.
• Breath
• Inhale bend your knees press into your soles of your feet lifting your hips slightly off the ground to the sky about an inch of the ground.
• Breathe release your hips to the ground • Take deep cleansing breath
• Bring your knees to your chest bringing your legs wider from your hips from the inside of your thigh grip your big toes with your index and middle fingers, and rock side to side relax deep and release legs back down
• Relax your knees out for deep cleansing breaths and relax your legs down and out
• With your palms facing up sweep your arms above your head from above to below.

Life Principles:

Compassion for all living things Commitment to truthfulness and non stealing  SOMA

Cosmic Principles:

Quality of action: Sattva (light), Raja (energy), and Tamas (matter). Mahat (Cosmic intelligence) following manifestation in empirical form of divinity by releasing toxins/ stress or false ego and perceptions.

5 Elements 

Our outer world affect our reactions to pain by varies internal and external inner needs, of such are the 5 elements (Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth) , the positioning directions (East, West, North, South, NE, SE, SW, and NW) and Time relevant to the slower the longer life and the faster the shorter.. Ether:  Hearing  Air: Tactile  Fire:Vision  Water: Taste Earth: Smell.

3 Dosha

Vata, Pita, and Kapha are the principles that govern psychological response and pathological changes.

Vata: is Dry, light movement. When in balance promotes creativity and when out of balance promotes fear and anxiety Pita: Hot, Sharp, transformation digestion, when in balance promotes understanding and learning and when out of balance promotes anger jealousy and hate. Kapha: is heavy, oily, liquid lubrication and structured . When in balance promotes love, calmness, and forgiveness and when out of balance creates congestive disorder and greed. Janma: karmic influence Deha: mental and emotional state Dosha: the ratio of time, place, season, and date Mana: the mental constituency of raja tamas and sattvas.

5 Sense Organs

Ear – sound related to Ether
Skin – touch related to air
Eye – sight related to fire
Tongue – taste related to water
Nose – smell related to earth
As these are receptive only to physical body

5 Motor Organs 

Mouth – expression of sound related to Ether
Hand – grasping of air related to touch
Feet – motion of fire related to sight Urino genital (emission) – of water to taste
Anus (elimination) – of earth related to smell.
As these are expressive only, not receptive

Emotional Balance

All three are gunas which manifest within the fire of digestion called (Agni)..A: awareness in each cell G: Govern digestion, assimilation, and transformation of matter into energy N: Nutrition of all bodily tissues naturalizing toxins I: Intelligence and cellular selectivity and choice.


 Irregular  imbalance causing irregular appetite including sharp hyper metabolism causing high Pitta causes more frequent eating in large quantity of meals causing dry throat, lips, and palate, as well as symptoms of heartburn, hot flash acid indigestion.
 heavy Kapha causing a weight gain without much eating. Typically cold, congestion, and cough.Areas of the abdomine small intestine , gastric secretion, initial digestion. Kapha but can increase high levels of Pitta with allergic reactions. Pancreas, secretion of cerebral spinal fluid, sweet taste and water regulation earth and water, and carbohydrates and fats.
 the liver and all 5 elements. The metabolism of all substance.
 thymus and thyroid gland relating to the endocrine system. If there is such grief sadness this can impair the function of the thyroid gland.
 respective amino acid.
 micro digestion with associated elements of water and air.
Pithara nourish the genes in the RNA and DNA . Parent to pili inducing clarity. Indriya doors of perception to the 5 senses..All true healing comes from the soul, as the conscious being in, awakened becomes a channel for divine grace.
The soul shoots electrical activity Rasa– Ra meaning taste Sa meaning juice.
When you eat something Sweet, the taste buds on the tip of the tongue become active and send a message to the related organs, which are the thyroid gland and apical area of the lungs. Sour taste is related to the middle and lower lobes of the lungs, and Salty to the kidneys. Pungent relates to the stomach and heart, Bitter taste to the pancreas, spleen, and liver and Astringent to the colon.

SweetEarth and Water
Sour = Earth and Fire
SaltyWater and Fire
PungentAir and Fire
BitterAir and Ether
Astringent Air and Earth

Sweet, Sour, and Salty decrease Vata and increase Kalpha while Sour and Salt increase Pitta but decrease Pitta in Sweet. Pungent, Bitter, and Astringent increase Vata and decrease in both Kalpha and Pita while Pungent increase Pita.Digestion is a process of biochemical transformation of complex, larger food particles into a simpler form suitable for absorption and assimilation. The primary digestion occurs in the gastrointestinal tract by the action of the agni subtypes of the three doshas along with the various agnis, eventually food is transformed into energy in the tissues, which then yields into consciousness.


• Avoid eating lots of raw and cooked foods together
• Don’t eat fresh foods with left overs minimize leftovers
• Pair spices in your food that may help with digestion
• 1 to 1 ratio for balanced meal
• Can not change another diet
• Food combos can alleviate the negative effects

Irrigation: circulation of nutrients 
Selectivity: each death selects appropriate nutrients,
Transformation: transformation of governed by ooja

Acu (puncture/pressure)

Liver & Gallbladder

Features will show intensity in the eyes, tension in and around their eyes, jaw, shoulder, and chest. Let not “anger” just be displayed as a negative emotion but also as a positive one as a component to keeping our social values and behaviors in check, when it is associated to protecting others. Woods typical traits include temper, leadership, competitive, passionate, focus, rooted active, loud, confident protective, assertive, innovative, driven, and self referential. Wood concerns are around growth, focus, drive, boundaries, competition, anger, aggression, power, control, domination, enforcement, learning patience, learning forgiveness, justice understanding others points of view, and future. Responding to life events. In romance wood does very well romantically with fire as it creates a generating force.

Yin Pair: Liver which activites between 1 am to 3am Yang Pair : Gallbladder between 11pm to 1am

Triple Warmer/Heart/ Small Intestines

Fire associates with manic joy, Fire when balanced radiates joy within their hearts, and without love can experience severe depression and withdraw fire. Characteristics include loving, charming, animated, whimsical, funny, shame, spontaneous impulsive, scattered, intuitive, magnetic, and flirtatious. Fire elements is concerned with love, happiness, fun, shame, trust, bonding, betrayal, abandoment, emotional stability, relationship, spontaneity, blame, intimacy, intuition, and attention. An excess of Fire will show behaviors of disorganized, heartbreak. Deficient fire displays, joyless, loveless, pratical, cold, independent, unpleasant, uncaring, unavailable, and predictable

Yin pairing: Heart 11am to 1pm, Triple Warmer 9pm to 11pm, Yang pairing: Small Intenstines 9pm to 11pm

Spleen & Stomach

Earth is concerned with worry, confusion, naturing, conforming others, support, stability, consistency, comfort, pleasure, children, food, and collecting. Earth elemental traits are of being grounded, stable, supported, loving, warm, comforting, slow moving, worry, confusion, connected, consistent, crave comfort and pleasure, food integral, and fear of change. Earth element responds to life events and issues by taking care other’s, support, expectation, worry, confusion, over nurturing, accommodate, eating, fussing, and freezing. Earth elements are the com in the store grounded in immovable in their decisions and actions.

Yin pair: Spleen 9am to 11am Yang pair: Stomach 7am to 9am

Liver & Large Intestine

Metal is mainly associated with grief. Metal element has a feeling of incomplete and emptiness. With several stages of shock, numbness, denial, anger, depression, and resolution. Metal response life changes are to protect, orderly, clarity, distance, withdraws, practicality, organization, resignation, cynicism, sometimes feels inadequate. Metals unofficial motto is a place for everything and everything in its place. Metal is calm cool and collected in crisis situation and in personal life. Excess of Metal is expressed by overcritical, cold, harsh, cutting, biting, false pride, intolerant, over organized, over protective, cynical, sarcastic, resigned, contemptuous, and rigid.

Yin pair: Lung 3am to 5pm Yang pair: Large Intestine 5pm to 1am

Kidney & Bladder

Water is most associated with fear. For healthy amount of fear helps us socialize consequences of her actions. Water is concerned with fear, trust, determination, safety, loyalty, restlessness, time, patient, reassurance, security, decisiveness, knowledge, truth, courage, and commitments. Water challenges loyalty and intent. As they seek truth and spiritual truth. Water element responds to life changes by fear, safety assessment, risk assessment, taking risk, consoling others, determination, bravery, courage, maintaining stability, questioning, panic, and paralysis.

Yin pair: Kidney between 5pm to 7pm Yang pair: Bladder 3pm to 5pm

Dysmenorrhea – cramping pains caused by womb spasms
Menorrhagia – excessive flow also sometimes used for irregularity and clotting

Herbs: Dong quai (Angelica oylvestris) is good for all menstrual problems. For heavy periods, raspberry leaf, American cranesbill, lady’s mantle, yarrow, cramp bark, wild yam, white peony and black haw. Agnus castus or motherwort for an irregular cycle. For heavy menstrual bleeding, chuang xiong ( Ligusticum wallachii) , white peony, Chinese Angelica, Rehmannia – all roots – mixed together they are called ‘four things soup’ – a Chinese remedy. Also ( for heavy bleeding ) Shepherds purse, and nettle. Aromatherapy: For cramps: clary sage, chamomile, marjoram, peppermint, lavender, valerian, ginger, sage, red thyme, nutmeg, rose, melissa, geranium, neroli, rosemary, cardomom, cinnamon leaf. In a hot bath, on a hot flannel, on your hot water bottle, on a burner, in some carrier oil and massaged into tummy and back, also the shoulders, thighs etc…try 4 to 5 drops of 3 oils (eg clary sage, lavender and marjoram) in 8 tsp of oil.
For heavy bleeding: cypress, geranium, rose, yarrow, chamomile (Roman), lavender, lemon.

For headache, facial soreness, toothache and menstrual pain, locate the fleshy piece of skin between the thumb and the forefinger and squeeze firmly, pressing towards the forefinger. the pressure should be applied for about 5 minutes and either hand can be used. This point is known as ‘large intestine 4’ .

Avoid constipation – eat plenty of fresh fruit and veggies and avoid white bread, pasta, cakes, soda etc…Avoid coffee, tea, chocolate and cola – methylxanthines(!!) in these can cause period pain and PMT
Make sure you don’t have deficiencies of Vitamins

B6 , folic acid, B2, B complex, E and D…
Calcium this one’s really important if you have heavy blood loss . you can get lots of it from dark green leafy veggies, bread, soy, fish, sesame seeds, haricot beans (baked), almonds, parsley, turnips. Avoid dairy foods (1000 to 2500 mg’s a day)
Iron – from eggs, spinach, meat, apricots, nettle ( eaten as vegetable)( 25 – 50 mg /day)
Vitamin K,(avoid aspirin and Ibuprofen as it destroys Vitamin K always add protein. For excess bleeding and heat, Vitamin C + bioflavinoids, 1000 – 2000 mg up to your bowel tolerance, Vitamin A, Zinc.

Highly Recommend: Ensure Original, Alive! 50+, Nordic ProOmega -D 1000D3, Floradix Liquid, Iodine, High PH water, Primrose Oil Persimmons and Cocoa butter for dry skin and inflammation, herbal Tulsi Ginger Turmeric Green Jasmine and Chamomile Tea, Vitanica Brand especially Femrebalance, Carboxymethcellulose sodium 0.5% eye drops, Lactobacillus Reuteri and Lactobacillus Rhamnosus probiotics.

Inhale slowly,
exhale look onto

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