Tenderness Meditation

I am worthy of Love.
I am worthy of Kindness.
I am my own best friend and in my own Presence, I meet myself with a smile. I meet myself with Kindness. I respect myself by the Love I like to give myself.
Wonderful I am,
Wonderful, Here.
“May all beings enjoy Happiness in the Root of Happiness, May all beings be free of suffering and the Roots of suffering”.
Living breath into my Heart, Compassion is my Courage to Love my Action. My genuine Gratefulness is my Happiness. My calm Mind is my calm Heart.


Natures Waters Meditation

This Body, My Body is a vessel.
A cauldron of transformation.
I AM the ritual of Infinite flow.
Here and Now, as I am.
My Body is safe with me.
I belong.
I am empowered by my Body and Sacred Land of Nature.


Balance Meditation

I am whole.
I Begin again.


Partner Intimacy Meditation

I invite your Divinity to do for me what I can not do for myself. I open to the Divinity within myself. I invite sacred partnership, whole within equally connected to Divinity together.


Natural, Restful, Rhythmic, and in Ease …
Bring your attention to one main Word you would Love to feel Today. 
Now, asign a Color to this Word.
And in this Color and Energy of this word, this Feeling begins to fill your Entire Body.
Bathing you with a Glowing Day Now.
This  Color and Feeling flows … Naturally, Restfully, Rhythmically with Ease with me.
Brilliantly coming forth to this Feeling and Color in any moment I Need.

Just for Today.


Notice the sensations in which move through your Body and the stories your mind is telling you.
Speak Out loud your sensations … and as you do acknowledge what you are noticing in your sensations.
I am noticing … I see  … I feel  … I hear …
Now, allow yourself to feel what you are feeling.
It is ok to feel …
Here, ask yourself,
What do I need? … What does this need? …
This is the way I can Give, and I can Give to myself what I need to See, Hear and Feel to be.


  1. Clear Seeing
    • This is the ability to see anything that is not physically present, such as: objects, animals, people or symbols. Some gifts shows up as their normal vision state, while some train their minds through meditation or other techniques, or access it with the assistance from spirits to achieve this ability. This gift can show up in many ways, such as: visionary states, seeing auras or energy, seeing orbs, seeing energy waves, seeing visions or symbols with eyes open, visions of images or colors in your mind’s eye, seeing disincarnate beings or spirits.
  2. Clear Hearing
    • This can come through as hearing vibrations, different languages, half words, vowel sounds, names, or whole sentences. Some hear as though they are listening to a person talking to them on the outside of their head, as though the Spirit is next to or near, and others hear the voices or sounds in their minds as verbal thoughts.
  3. Clear Sensing
    • Sensing psychic or information with our six senses. The ability to have an impression of what spirit wants to communicate, or to feel sensations instilled by spirit. Sensations come in many forms: The physical reactions to energy entering the body can feel like tingles, shivers, pins and needles, brushing of air, heat or cold as this has more to do with sensations in the body than emotional states.
  4. Clear Smelling and Clear Tasting
    • The ability to smell perfume or tobacco that a spirit used when incarnate. Or, a nutritionist may taste orange juice when the client is low in vitamin C. In every case, the smells and tastes are associative, which means they are connected to the message they are giving clues and information about.
  5. Clear Feeling
    • The ability to take on the feelings, emotions, ailments, or symptoms of a Spirit, feeling the same physical or emotional problems which the person had before death. This is empathy when clear feeling is felt with those still living.
  6. Clear Knowing
    • When you just KNOW something. There’s no thought process leading up to it – it just pops into your mind and there’s a sense of truth that comes with it. Often, will have the feeling that a message or situation is “right” or “wrong.” When developed, this is a powerful tool to help interpret messages.

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