You are walking at the break of Dawn on pillows of clouds. Above you is a single Star shinning brightly in a still dark early sky.
You Immerse yourself in this Star of pure White Golden light emanating and penetrating your Heart. Allow this Star beam of light to be a pathway leading up. As you begin to walk up this pathway of Light feeling Calm and Peace
You are Beautiful,
You are Light.
Continue to walk on this beam of Light feeling and merging into the Light,
becoming more subtle,
more Light,
more Aware,
more Beautiful,
as you continue your journey upwards into the dark auroras of space you see many Stars. 

A bright crimson Red light glows. Inhale soft, this glowing red, bringing it down into the base of your Spine and into your Pelvis.
This pure red glows growing brightly in this area, keeping you Grounded, Encouraging you, Balances you, and you are eloped in Security. Slowly moving up breath in a soft, glowing juicy Orange light, and send this bright radiant light about 2 inches below your Navel energizing this area as your Emotions become even more Balanced.
Moving up towards your upper Abdomen, about 1 inch above your Navel, breath in a vibrant sunshine Yellow glowing light, and send this Light to your Solar Plexus. This warm vibrant Yellow Empowers your self esteem with confidence and self-worth energizing your Solar Plexus. Moving up breath in a beautiful emerald Green light, send this Light to your Heart feeling Love and Open filling your Heart with Pure Love and energy allowing yourself to be Loved and to Love others.
Moving up breath in a deep sea Blue light into your Throat. This deep Blue light grows vibrant this energizing light is a rushing sea Expressing and Communicating yourself. Moving up breath in softly a vibrant Indigo star sending this star in between your Eyebrows. As this vibrant Indigo grows and glows you foresee and clear any dull light allowing this Light to burst Stardust of intuition and insight becoming even brighter.
Finally, move up and Breath in a glowing Royal Violet light and send this light to your Crown, to be one with the world, in pure Harmony. This Violet light grows as you are more aware of your whole Body and Being.

As Dawn turn to Day you become aware of the soles of your Feet, and 12 inches below. Where there a sparkling brilliant Golden Violet spinning stars connecting you to our Earth. You ground and root connecting your Light to Earth …

Birthing your Womb through unique Blossoming deepest within.
I warmly invite you to breathe and carry through profound indulging held, seen, touched, and exquisite Enchantments.
Unwind up beckoning

Stellar Nectar

luminous splendor and Hearts Comets in zealous Dream.
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