Evening Star Offerings

“What I truly know, guides my consciousness. Happiness is achieved by “doing right”.
As my self-knowledge and courage to do right are necessary conditions for a good life. My spirit is in reality continually healing from trauma and I am able to teach and reach from natural source”

The Journey

Rooted in loving respect and care for the body, this offering is balancing, beautifying, nurturing and awakening. The Journey begins with a gentle exfoliation that prepares the body for rhythmic, warm oil aromatherapy movement and massage quieting your nervous system and gently loosening toxins. Followed by slow, deep strokes . Including chakra balancing and guided visualization through the colors and qualities of your energy centers.

The Serenity

Awareness to knowledge, gracing your mind, body, and spirit through active transcending movements and passive moments. Guided acrobatics to strengthen while stretching our physical body to deepen meditation and playful purity.

“She not only alleviates pain but works toward why the pain is happening.” Philip Baker

“Healing is painful but it hurts so good.” Jessica Mai

“The best massage I have ever gotten. She is very nice young woman and gladly accommodates my needs. Hurt so good work over and I feel amazing. I especially appreciate the relaxing head and face massage at the end of all the therapeutic work.” Colleen Sorenson

“Without her my body would wreak havoc and would turn me into complete stone.” Tyra Thurlow

“I love your heart.” Alan Artola

“She is friendly, personable, professional and skillful. Her pressure was good and strong. It felt relaxing yet effective.” Avery Y.

“After two sessions with her, I have more flexibility then ever Amazing!” Preston Hutchin

“I had tight, very painful rhomboids of two days duration plus some “clunkers”. 24 hours later I’m fine! Amazing!! Thank you!” J.L

“She addresses my problem and was very knowledgeable about the body and patterns of pain. I would definitely recommend her.” Kat K.

Did anyone tell you today how incredible you are?

You are powerful. You are beautiful. You are worthy. Your soul deserves the opportunity to detox physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

We fall on hard times and high emotions, we may feel like we need someone to save us from our big emotions. We might feel as though the walls are caving in on us; we sometimes might over-react, or make demands of our partner from a place of urgency or fear; in which enable us to communicate with one another. We might panic if our partner needs space, or assume that conflict means the relationship is over. We might feel an overwhelming urge to fix the problem now and become bitter and resentful if our partner isn’t ready. 

If this happens to you, you are not broken. You are not crazy. You have a wound and an inner-child. Our society is Enslaved by screens and the past. Paralyzed, Powerless, Stuck, Emotionally Reactive, and Wounded by the happenings. Lead to shrouded brain fog and repressed emotions riddled with Anxiety, Judgement, and Depression.

How do we Live a life devoid of meaningful connection? How do we heal?

These are questions I am here to explore with you, as I am fortunate to see your soul. I believe there are patterns that shift us as we both learn to develop compassion for each other in times of conflict. I chose to deepen our self-awareness and let go of our positions of control to teach us how-to live-in love with our connection. Slowly, we develop the maturity in our relationship and into every type of relationship as to drop our projections and stop responding to one another from our wounds. 

I love, in the way our wants and needs are aligned. How do I show my deepest scars of passion?

Understand I am a source. And I am NOT to be wrecked with, as I am as sweet as satin. So please…do NOT indulge in sick pleasure of tormented cycles. As we stop. To share our history, and create a new story from where we once were, and transform our story to incredible balance. (I smile).

Tell me how you wish to be my guide as I am your teacher of other sides. Then when you are ready allow me stop you as your wheels turn. We, hold the space for our deeper light beyond the darkness.

“Shall we dance?” as a dear soul sister once said “A juicy tease in a fitter mind”. As another reminds “Am I living through transparency” in other words to live in your authentic truth.

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