We review your Health History, discuss present Needs, and Blueprint out your Health. Together, we design daily practice that fits your Lifestyle and meets you where you’re at. This Blueprint includes Food, Herbs, Bodycare, Breath, Movement and Meditation. We meet for Treatment sessions to implement your plan and a 30-minute follow-up improving your Wellbeing toward Positive Practices. Each step of the way, you’ll have Accountability and Support.

Make sure you are hydrated, eaten a light meal before treatment and prepared to drink plenty of water following treatment. Ultimately, treatments increase your blood and oxygen circulation, and water helps flush released toxins out. Plan to wear or bring loose comfortable clothing with you, as you will be asked to undress to your comfort level. Please communicate before and during your Treatments to accommodate your needs, and give yourself atleast 30 minutes prior to the session to sit and reflect. Check in with how your Body is feeling and take note of any Emotions, Thoughts, or Physical sensations you are experiencing. You may also want to reflect on any intentions you want to set for your session. Post session spend some time reflecting quietly and relaxing to integrate what may arise.


Ceremony 7,200sec
Rooted in Loving Respect and Care for the Body, this offering is Balancing, Beautifying, Nurturing and Awakening. Awareness to Knowledge, Grace your Mind, Body, and Spirit through Transcending Movements. Beginning Ceremony with a gentle Exfoliation preparing the Body for Rhythmic, warm oil aromatherapy. Guiding you into Movements to Strengthen while Stretching our Physical Body and deepening you in Meditation and playful Purity. Gently embody and release in a Radiant state.

Relief 5,400sec
Emphasizing on rejuvenating techniques in even Deep pressure, curated to release and relief muscle tension.
Techniques may include: Tui Na, Cupping & Thai.

Soul to Sole 3,600sec
Sensational infused warm essential mineral, scented bath using a crafted blend of Salt, Herbs, and Oils nutritiously soothing and softening your Head, Hand or Feet. Followed by a pouring stream of warm oil onto your choice of Head, Hand or Feet.
Variety of styles include: Reflexology, Gentle to Deep touch, Shiatsu, Marma, Guasha, & Thai. 

Mother 5,400sec
Expecting Mothers receive Comfort and Support. Utilizing a variety relaxing rhythmic kneading, relieving aches, swelling, stress and fatigue.

Baby 2,400sec
Recieving gentle nurtured love infused in pure Coconut and Sunflower oil, concluding in a gentle swaddle. Providing a boost in weight gain, preventing bacterial infections and reduce infant mortality.


Healing Ceremony 9,000sec
Together we discover and shift the root cause of blockages and pain with in-depth Womb Healing to release pain, trauma & ancestral patterns.
Includes: Deep guided Intuitive Meditation & Pranayama, Floral Blessing, Lower Sacral/Abdominal work, Tuning Forks, Womb Wrapping. 


Blessings 3,600sec
Tuning into your frequencies as we listen for a moment, as we hear our Souls’ sound, expressing our Souls’ voice. Opening your Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Auric field Gracing you to your Light, Clearing and aiding Energetic detoxification to your Grail of Wisdom.

Shamanic Ceremony 2,400sec
Clearing and Blessing of the Home, Office Space &/or Land. May include entity removal or crossing-over of earthbound spirits.


Circadian Serenity Focus 3,600sec
•Movement MondayVinyasa Flow •Tantalizing Tuesday– Self Massage •Whine Down Wednesday– Restorative Flow •Tantric Thursday– Yin Flow incl. Tantric Education & Affirmations •Fierce Friday– Sensual Flow •Serene Saturday– Hatha Flow •Solar SundayMeditation and Pranayama
Drop in Class: $45.00
Weekly: $315.00

Floral Ceremony 5,400sec
An Evening of Play, Connection for you and a Loved One. A gentle guided meditation to transcend all thoughts, along with a few heavenly restorative postures and some  fun postures to try with your partner. Be prepared to have your sense of sight, sound, and touch stimulated in this full body wellness experience. Be sure to dress comfortably and bring socks. Class size is limited for maximum of 4 couples for comfort!
– One mini Floral heart shaped wreath 
– Sage bundle 
– One piece of Raw Rose Quartz
– Chocolate
– Champagne toast or Foral Tea
– 1 Foral Candle per couple
$115.00 Per Couple

Kundalini Focus 1,800sec
Guided Movement to Strengthen while Stretching your Physical Body focusing on an Asana of your choice committing to four days/week for one month, under 30min.

Raja Focus 1,800sec
In Mindfulness Speech and Thought through Expressing your Emotions with Clarity, Deepen in with 30min guided Intuitive Meditation and Pranayama.

A Moment

Nabhi Vasti
Balancing vital conception centers located beyond the Navel, in the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakra, with warm Poultice and pooled Nuturing oil. 

Balance your Heart center chakra, with warm Poultice and pooled Nuturing oil. 

Nourish and Rejuvenate in warmed Poultice blend of special Herbs in a pouring pool of oils aiding support in areas of your Vertebraes.

Soothe your Knees in warm Poultice blend of special Herbs in a pouring pool of oils  soothing Arthritis, Rheumatism, and supporting Joint Flexibility.

Ease in warm Buttermilk decoction infused with Flowers and Herbs waterfalled upon your Head.


This Retreat requires you to be open minded, open hearted with no judgment as it will allow you to explore your body in a sensual way. You can expect masseuse to practice good hygiene & so is expected from clients. When masseuse arrives the space will be clean and disinfected with a curated atmosphere. Both you & masseuse will be exposed during treatment. Rub & slide on your gorgeous oily body with a signature Body2Body Massage. You may also be permitted to touch your masseuse provided consent. Please note: masseuse determines own boundaries and does not offer any sex nor oral sex.
Fusion of styles include:  ASMR, Nuru, Tantra & Sensual Massage.
Yoni / Lingam / Prostate Massage: With a bit of touch & play, your masseuse will slowly transform from whole body massage to deep focus & stimulation of Erogenous Zones.
Divine Tasting Platter: Amplify your sensory awakening experience in taste and smell with delicious little bites of a small range of foods, catering to all dietary requirements. Please Note: any food allergies.
$3,000 Pkg of 10, $400 Single Session, $600 for Couples (not incl. Erogenous Zones)
Valid: 1/2019 – 4/2022

The Academy is a 6 week spiritual based program that is designed to Deepen your Connection to Earths Rythyms and Venusian Teachings heightening your sense of Divine Love and Self Awareness. The Academy is home to any and all beings who are willing to hold themselves accountable in the Energy of Presence in Vibrant Creation of Awakening Spiritual Ascension and Physical Transcendence. The Academy is into two Modules. 
Understand the fundamentals of Energy in Yogic Philosophy & Knowledge and how it manifests in each Practice. You will learn how to identify your own Energy, Protect it, and Transmute it. Introducing Shatkarmas (Cleansing Practices), Asanas (Posture), Chakras, Mudras, Pranayamas (Breathing Techniques), Meditation and Mantras. Each session will hold time for 1:1 Mentoring as well as Practice.
Receive Daily and Hourly Treatment and Care with a curated Practice to guide you through Service. Recieving 28 days of Yogasana, Pranayama, Meditation, Auyrvedic Philosophy & Knowledge, Anatomy & Physiology within Deeper Healing Cleansing Practices (Shatkarma, Panchakarma and various Ayurvedic Therapies).
$7,000 Tuition, $3,550 Private Room and Meals, $2,673 Core Program and Commuter Fee. Early special of $275 off Tuition by applying 2 months prior. Attendance deposit of $550 which includes non refundable $200. After registration, you will receive a follow up email to coordinate schedules and plan the start date. For this program will be on a set schedule, Designed purely around our needs of Daily Practice.

Meditations is the way to Inner Peace & Happiness within restoring Radiant Health through Pranayama. Recharge your whole Being with Prana (Life Force Energy) in this 90 day Retreat.
This Retreat is in 7 Modules:
Within each Module contains a Sutra of Relaxation you will experience in Daily 1:1 Meditation bringing Stillness and Tranquility to your Mind allowing Conscious Spirit with Soul Love Wisdom & Compassion through self-discipline Spiritual Living Life.
$3,000 Tuition, $2,550 Semi Private Dorm and Meals, $2,673 Core Program and Commuter Fee. Early special of $175 off Tuition by applying 2 months prior. Attendance deposit of $550 which includes non refundable $100. This Retreat will be on a set schedule. Designed purely around our needs in Daily Practice. After registration, you will receive a follow up email to coordinate schedules and plan the start date with the Itinerary.

Payment Methods

Cash, Checks & Gift Certificates.
Cashapp: $asap424