Prosperity & Dreams


Dream Life, Love, Goals, and Lunar Cycles. This Ju-Ju bundle contains a rich, gorgeous Dream Incarnation for all the potential that awaits you. Whether you are looking to succeed financially, in relationships, at work or at home – your Year – your Desire.


Conjure oil contains 100% signature All-Natural herbs, Flowers, and Essential Oils in a 4oz. glass bottle. Vegan, paraben-free, contains no synthetic fragrances.

6oz. Dream Realm organic loose Leaf Herbal Blend

5oz. Blessing Water used for Anointing, Spiritual Bath, Floorwash, Protection and Blessings

Three 4″ Prosperity Green Chime Candles & Three 4″ Blue Dream Chime Candles

One Citrine, One Green Aventurine, & One Amythest Crystal

A signature 7 pure, loving, disciplined Road Openers, to open self Dialog and thoughtful focus for clarity and support.

One Cattelya Orchid


When you first receive the oil feel free to pray over it, shake it well, and speak to the oil with your intentions. Place it on your personal altar or create a special place for it. Contains: Jojoba/Hemp Seed & Almond Oil, Cedar, Myrrh, Citronella & More

– Place on temples and over your Heart and Pulse points. Speak daily Affirmations that promote Peace, Clarity, Dreams and Desires. Meditation is also recommended daily after applying oil. At least 10-15 minutes.

– Rub a few drops on the palms of your Hands and heels of your Feet and speak your Desire.


– Take Blue candles and carve your name and birthday in the wax. If using a 7 day candle you may write your name on the glass or carve on top. Write out a petition of what you are seeking to Dream & Heal. Burn for 3 days or until candle burns out completely. Each day you are to meditate in front of the candle focusing on your Intentions and visualizing yourself in a better place Emotionally and Mentally.

– Carve your name, birthdate, and your Desires (be specific) on a Green candle or on Bay Leaf. Add 2 or 3 drops of Conjure oil and/or Blessing Water working from the bottom up to the wick (to draw in) add money Herbs to open the roads of opportunities, sprinkle Cinnamon, Thyme and Coffee on the candle and rub in upward stroke. Speak your Intentions and Desires as you focus on the flame visualizing receiving what you Desire and receiving what you Need.


Contains: River Water, Forget Me Nots, Blue Lotus, & More

– Use in a Cleansing or Spiritual Bath & in a Floorwash.
– Place 5 drops in a Blue or white bowl with some salt or bluing to remove negativity from a space or under your bed to promote restful sleep.
– Rub Conjure oil and/or Blessing Water on your front door, door knobs to your business or desk at work.
– Anoint a currency bill at the 4 corners, fold towards you and keep in your wallet.
– Anoint your wallet and bank cards.
– Add a drop to financial documents, loan applications, or bills that need to be paid.
– Anoint your business cards and flyers.


Serving size: 12cups
Contains: Blue Lotus, Honeysuckle, White Hibiscus, Clary Sage, & Holy Basil.

–  Add 1 tablepoon per cup of covered boiling water. Steep for 15 minutes. Strain Herbs from hot water, and add sugar or honey however, best result is without additives. Sip & Enjoy.
– Fix your candles in dried herbs
– Burn herbal blend on charcoal or slate disks 
– Use as incense
With Flammables and Flammable Herbs always take precautions
– Use them to make tinctures so their power will continue to work for months at a time.