Make sure you are centered before any conduit work, you’ve eaten a light meal and are prepared to surrender following Meditation. Ultimately, subconscious Rootwork transmits & transforms and how we commit in the moment depends on our ability to deeply listen and become a conduit for the energy the moment is asking of us. Plan to wear or bring loose comfortable clothing with you. Give yourself time prior to the session to check in with how your Body is feeling and take note of any Emotions, Thoughts or Physical sensations you are experiencing and set any Spiritual intentions for the Retreat. Please communicate prior and during your Retreat to accommodate your needs. Post sessions spend some time reflecting quietly and relaxing to integrate what may arise.

Be sure to Bring:
1 Yoga Mat, 1 Yoga Straps & 2 Yoga Blocks
1 Thick Blanket & 1 Yoga Pillow
2 Active Wear/Yoga Clothing
1 White or Gold Ceremonial Outfit
1 Journal
1 Note Pad & Pen
1 Water Container & Dry Towel
Yoga Teacher Manual (will be provided)

Meditations is the way to Inner Peace & Happiness. In this 6 week Meditation Retreat, Restore & Recharge to Radiant Health through 7 Modules of Daily Meditations and Sutras of Relaxation. 


Applying yourself in all things throughout the day while observing Discomfort and Distraction without Reaction.
Module 1 & 2. Begins with a Personal Prayer and in these Sutras becom Centered and Relaxed, ready for Meditation.
Sutra: Pranayama & Chanting Om

Maintaining Harmony and Balance throughout the day with Patience Releasing Emotions
Sutra: Nadi Shodhana
Sutra: Stillness

Concentration is holding the Mind on an object for a defined length of time.
Sutra: Mindful Breathing

Module 3, 4 & 5 Sutras are the core Meditations for Purifying and Focusing the Mind and developing Inner Peace. They guide us into a deep state of concentration and Awareness.

Love is the true Nature of the Universe. In Kindness and Compassion to all to a Heartful Abundance.

Module 6 Sutras are the core Meditations for generating Love, Kindness and Compasssion. They should only be practiced with Pure Intentions in Heart and Mind, and after having been prepared by the preceding Sutras.
Sutra: Heart Chakra
Sutra: Generating Kindness
Sutra: Generating Compassion

Wisdom eliminates Doubt and Confusion. Illumaniting Enlightenment in Presences through Mindful Thought, Speech and Action.
Sutra: Offering & Recieving Pranayama 3
Sutra: Palming Pranayama 4

Finishing with Ceremony these Sutras and a Personal Prayer.


Details provided upon Retreat.


6am – 7:30am – Morning Practice
8am – 9am – Morning Pranayama & Meditation
9:30am – 10am – Breakfast
– 4 hours after Meditation enjoy the rest of the Morning in Holy Presence
1pm – Lunch
– 4 hours after Lunch enjoy the Evening in Holy Presence.
5pm Yoga Philosophy
6pm – 7pm – Sunset Pranayama & Meditation
7pm – Dinner – Prepare Meal Plan
9pm – Prepare for Rest in Night Practice & Journal

Movement Monday – Vinyasa Flow
Tantalizing Tuesday – Self Massage
Whine Down Wednesday – Restorative Flow
Tantric Thursday – Yin Flow incl. Tantric Education & Affirmations
Fierce Friday – Sensual Flow
Serene Saturday – Hatha Flow
Solar Sunday – Meditation and Pranayama


  1. Tongue Scrape
  2. Brush Teeth
  3. Oil Pull
  4. Nasal Oil & Meditation
  5. Shower/Bath
  6. Exfoliation/Dry
  7. BrushingCleanser
  8. Rose Water Toner
  9. Vitamin E Serum
  10. Hyaluronic Acid
  11. Moisturizer
  12. Sunscreen
  13. Lip Balm


  1. Tongue Scrape
  2. Brush Teeth
  3. Oil Pull
  4. Shower/Bath
  5. Cleanser Balm
  6. Mild Cleanser
  7. Glycolic Acid Toner
  8. Serum
  9. Hyaluronic & Rosehip Oil
  10. Moisturizer
  11. Spot Treatment
  12. Warm Beverage
  13. Dry Brushing
  14. Self Oil Massage


$3,000 Tuition
$2,550 Semi Private Dorm and Meals
$2,673 Core Program and Commuter Fee EARLY SPECIAL of $175 off Tuition by applying 2 months prior.
Attendance Deposit of $550 which includes non refundable $100

Cash, Visa, Checks & Gift Certificates.
Paypal: andreas.pinheiro@yahoo.com
Cashapp: $asap424