Mademoiselle is the Afrocaribbean blend of Sensuality & Passion, an angel of Holistic Angelic Magick in sweetened tones, spiced with charm. Depths within her eyes into the Spiritual realms, tapping you into your Soul & the Spirits. Inter-connectivity of all the Mistress of Ceremonies and Traditions alive in conjure ways. She is everything, Madame holds her Crown with a host of Agathodaimons, Ancestors, Soul Guides and freely among the Miracles. Wrapped in indulging delicacies of sweetened fancies, Deep into the comforts, is this Mrs. of Love.

Did anyone tell you Today how Incredible you are? You are Powerful. You are Beautiful. You are Worthy. Your Soul deserves the opportunity to detox physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

How do we Live a life Devoted of meaningful Connection? How do we Heal?

These are questions I am here to explore with you, as I am fortunate to see your Soul. I believe there are patterns that shift us as we both learn to develop Compassion for one another in times of conflict. I chose to deepen our self-awareness and let go of our positions of control to teach us how-to live-in Love with our Connection. Slowly, we develop the maturity in our relationship and into every type of relationship dropping our projections and stop responding to one another from our wounds. 

I Love, in the way our Wants and Needs are aligned.

Understand I am a Source. And I am NOT to be wrecked with, as I am as Sweet as Satin. So please … do NOT indulge in sick Pleasure of tormented cycles. As we stop. To share our history, and create a new story from where we once were, and transform our story to Incredible Balance. (I smile).

Tell me how you wish to be my guide as I am your Teacher of other sides. Then when you are ready, allow me. We, hold space for our Deeper Light beyond the Darkness. To ANEW JOURNEY growing an emerge InvocationDestined to connect with DIVINE NATURE. From Intuition and the Dance of Lunar, Solar and Seasonal cycles of Nature; PrayerPetitions and Desire WITHIN and through-out our Heart. Devote, Listen and Learn.

“Shall we dance?” as a Dear Soul Sister once said “A juicy tease in a fitter mind”.

“She not only alleviates pain but works toward why the pain is happening.” Philip Baker

“Healing is painful but it hurts so good.” Jessica Mai

“The best massage I have ever gotten. She is very nice young woman and gladly accommodates my needs. Hurt so good work over and I feel amazing. I especially appreciate the relaxing head and face massage at the end of all the therapeutic work.” Colleen Sorenson

“Without her my body would wreak havoc and would turn me into complete stone.” Tyra Thurlow

“I love your heart.” Alan Artola

“She is friendly, personable, professional and skillful. Her pressure was good and strong. It felt relaxing yet effective.” Avery Y.

“After two sessions with her, I have more flexibility then ever Amazing!” Preston Hutchin

“I had tight, very painful rhomboids of two days duration plus some “clunkers”. 24 hours later I’m fine! Amazing!! Thank you!” J.L

“She addresses my problem and was very knowledgeable about the body and patterns of pain. I would definitely recommend her.” Kat K.


In Wholeness I will have the Courage through pain of suffering. I will ignite the fire, undress and sit upon the Earth. Bathe with Herbs, I purge and vomit the rage and the darkness inside. Ignite my Body with good Herbs, and lay on the Earth, facing to the sky.

Fan my Crown to clean old memories that repeat the same behavior. Fan my forehead to scare away the thoughts that cloud my vision. Fan my Throat to release the knot that won’t let me speak. Fan my Heart to scare fear, so that it goes far away where it cannot find me. Fan my Solar Plexus to extinguish the fire of the hell carried inside, for Peace within. Fan with fire in my Belly to burn attachments, and Love that was not. Fan away Lovers that left and children that never came. Fan my Heart to make you warm, rekindle Desire, to Feel, Create and start again. Fan away collected trying to Love what did not wanted to be Loved. Brush Brush, Sweep Sweep, Scrub Scrub, Wash Wash, safely clean all the bitterness inside. Bless upon my Hands to destroy the ties that prevent Creation. Bless upon my Feet and my footprints memories, to Be in homage.

I kiss the Earth and fan the sky from my Root to Neck in Strength to walk upright. I will rest, I weep, I smile, I dream. I dream beautiful meaningful dreams, and arise awaiting you. Joyful Pleasure, Tasteful Life, I Thank You. Because what I’m offering Today, was offered to me before when darkness lived within. We will Together, Offer. We will Together, unite the Blessing of the Earth. We will Express the Desires of our Heart. And We will Together, create Hope. We will Honor and Thank one another as Heaven on Earth.