Mind & Spirit Practice


The scent of Sensuality hovers over the Air, with Sunrises & Sunsets oozing beckoning your own inner (God)dess. You are surrounded by powerful people whom you’ve come to Love and Trust through Being in every Moment. Each appreciating one another’s Beauty, Wisdom and Gifts in the solidarity of Genuine Authentic Living. Dressed in adornment and garments that invoke your inner (God)dess, you set yourself with your council. In Authentic Courage and Soul’s Integrity through rites of passage, you remain Confident through your darkest fears excavating your Deepest Primal Desires. This path in walks of devotees, you the (God)dess, Strong, Powerful, Comfortable and Humbled in your Power are here to Serve from the depths of Heart, Softening and Surrendering and Be served. Into the depths of your Temple, Petition & Desire –  unleash the Power of your Womb & Heart in the (God)dess. Surrender and let your Vessel of Divine  … come to serve the devote in bowing … through Rootwork, Embodiment, Honoring and Grace. 
Make sure you are centered before, you’ve eaten a light meal and prepared to surrender following Mind & Spirit Practice. Ultimately, Rootwork transmits & transforms and how we commit in the moment depends on our ability to deeply listen and become a conduit for the Energy the moment is asking of us. Plan to wear or bring loose comfortable clothing with you. Give yourself time prior to the session to check in with how your Body is feeling and take note of any Emotions, Thoughts or Physical sensations you are experiencing and set any Intentions for Practice. Please communicate prior and during your Practice to accommodate your needs. Post session spend some time reflecting quietly and relaxing to integrate what may arise.


Circadian Serenity Focus

Movement Monday – Vinyasa Flow
Tantalizing Tuesday – Self Massage
Whine Down Wednesday – Restorative Flow
Tantric Thursday – Yin Flow incl. Tantric Education & Affirmations
Fierce Friday – Sensual Flow
Serene Saturday – Hatha Flow
Solar Sunday – Meditation and Pranayama

Drop in Class: $45.00
Weekly: $315.00

Floral Ceremony

An Evening of Play, Connection for you and a Loved One. A gentle guided meditation to transcend all thoughts, along with a few heavenly restorative postures and some fun postures to try with your partner. Be prepared to have your sense of sight, sound, and touch stimulated in this full body wellness experience. Be sure to dress comfortably and bring socks. Class size is limited for maximum of 4 couples for comfort!
– One mini Floral heart shaped wreath 
– Sage bundle 
– One piece of Raw Rose Quartz
– Chocolate
– Champagne toast or Floral Tea
– 1 Floral Candle per couple

$115.00 Per Couple

Kundalini Focus

Guided Movement to Strengthen while Stretching your Physical Body focusing on an Asana of your choice committing to four days/week for one month, under 30min.

Raja Focus

In Mindfulness Speech and Thought through Expressing your Emotions with Clarity, Deepen in with 30min guided Intuitive Meditation and Pranayama.

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Cashapp: $asap424