Tea Time Meditation

Sacred flow of constant Beauty Empower your own Evolution. Fill your Heart with Wonder. Journey to interdependence Grace on the path of Love towards yourself & others, in this guided course of rediscovery in your fierce Passion and Vision.

Your Space and your Body is your source of power. Cleanse and open you space, Clear your energy, get comfortable and relax, be here in this present moment.

Take a deep inhale through your nose filling up your belly as you fill and reach the top of your breath, deeply exhale out your mouth.

Again, inhale through the nose into your belly and exhale through your mouth.

Take a moment and connect with yourself. Ground, and give the space to set the intention of clarity, a direction, a sense of support and openness … to feel and receive  empowerment.

Hold of which resonates with you in this moment.

How connected do you feel?
How connected do you feel
to Yourself,
your Body,
to your Visions,
to your Relationships,
to your Desires.

Now one big breath through the nose and than big sigh out through the mouth. Again, Deep breath in and deep sigh out.

Bring you palms together and vigorously rub them together creating heat and as you breath in place your left hand to your Heart and right hand to your Belly and exhale. BE PRESENT IN THIS MOMENT.

Our Process



You are being called forth.
Your Body, Mind and Soul, moves and flows in your Spirits. The importance of your Power keeps you grounded clear and confident even in the mist of chaos and separation.
Being here in this moment in this practice is a Declaration to evolve and empower your embodiment of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, of JOY, of RADIANCE. To continually STEP in your GRACIOUS GRACE and BEAUTY in every aspect of your Life.

This is who you are.
This is what you are here to do.
And This is where you are going.

This is yours.

In this space come into what it is you want to BE and what it is you desire to SEE.
This is your declaration.

“I am a Being that chooses to ____. I am ____ and I will ____. I have ____. I do ____. I am ____.”



As you show up and go through your path in your declaration in all of which comes in Life; stay focused in the way you are directing your Energy. Aligning your THOUGHTS that you think, the WORDS that you speak and your ACTIONS that you do.

Seek to NEW BEGINNINGS. Setting your declaration and setting yourself on the path forward to begin anew.
Seek TRANSFORMATION. Passion! Excitement! Your declaration of creative expression. Align and Releasing what is no longer in alignment. Release what no longer is, allows you to let go and focus, giving what is no longer in alignment to be transformed into a gift so you can move forward in your Desires.
Seek the FLOW. Allow yourself trust in your intuition to harvest and receive. Just Being your Creative Essence, your Declaration, your Focus, your align Desire.
Seek your TEACHERS. That of which you Honor in yourself, in your Intentions and in Desires shall seek you. What you place in fruition Here and Now and Grow for the future, will naturally heal the past.



In discipline to your Alignment & Focus you COMMIT your Mind to the way you choose to move forward, by consistently having Awareness in your Alignment. Give yourself permission to your clear path. Be in your space of discipline.



From your commitment you choose TO BE and DEVOTE in the vision you have for your life and for the whole. This is of your Body and Spirit. This is your petition Action and Surrender, the Doing, Being and Giving of yourself, your gift, your offering to the whole.

This is your Empowerment, your Testimony of Honor, Love and Respect.