Sweet Notes


I understand and have understanding.
I save those who know they Belong.
I seek only to serve, in Loving boundaries.
I seek to enrich all People and Religions.
Thank you Teachers of all the ages who have shown the Truth of Love and those who participate and practice the Truth of Love in all their Beings.
I am open and seek not to Teach but to be and by Being, Enrich.
I am Whole as a Being of which is.
Loving All and One Another.
I dedicate life in Love, Loving and Lovering of thy Neighbor and Environment and the Planet.
I am Humble and Humbled of the infallible Joy of Being and Loving.
I witness prevailing over all odds that of True understanding of the Power of Love and All those who belong, belong; belong to the Church of Love.

Lipstick on Mirror, The Little Lunchbox Notes, Folded Notes, The Little Nudges

Truly gifted Body Language of the Mind.
Deeply resonate Beautiful life in Sweet Love Notes.


There is so much more inside my Body,
Within me.
Into myself,
Into my Soul.

I own my Body.
I own my Beauty.
I own my Sexuality.
I claim my Power.
I claim my Pleasure.
I claim my Desire.

My Sexuality is Beautiful.
My Sensuality is a source of Joy and Vitality.

Joy is in my Heart.
Love is in my Heart.
Peace is my Vitality.
Peace is in my Heart.

I choose my Desire.
I choose my Pleasure.

My Sexuality is my own.
My Sensuality is my own.

My Sexuality is Beautiful.
My Sensuality is a source of Joy and Vitality.

Joy is in my Heart.
Love is in my Heart.
Peace is my Vitality.
Peace is in my Heart.

I own my Body.
I own my Beauty.
I own my Sexuality.
I claim my Power.
I claim my Pleasure.
I claim my Desire.

I Sexually Mature
I Sensually Thrive
I Sensually Mature
I Sexually Thrive

I prioritize my Joy.
I prioritize my Pleasure.
I choose to prioritize my Desire.

Peace is my Priority.
Love is my Priority.
Joy is my Vitality.

I own my Body.
I own my Beauty.
I own my Sexuality.
I claim my Power.
I claim my Pleasure.
I claim my Desire.

And I express myself

Joy is my Priority.
Love is my Vitality.
Peace is my Priority.

Love is Human Nature and having Love reciprocated.
Get clarity on requesting, Ask for time to talk, Speak needs with Grace and Kindness, to Reiterate boundaries and follow through on it.
Regard self Well-Being and Happiness because Love and Lovering self with Compassion is Needs and Desire in return.

My Love is My Need

I drop my Energy giving myself the Gift of deeper and more fulfilling Love. Setting the mood comfortably Romantic and Intimate, I grab my favorite luscious warm oil and place it next to me with my good Intentions.

Gently I move my Body, just a little, rocking side to side, as the rhythms of music in the background guide my gently hip grind from left … to right. Reaching up over my head as my arms and hands dance together … flowing and floating with each musical sensational note.

Body halts just for moment as the stir from my hips move to the base of my spine. My breath deepens into my Body rhythmically reading my Energy as I breath Love. With each breathe my mouth lets out natural sighs as I exhale and I try not to focus on what sound releases.

I place a stream warm oil in my hand, just enough to shine my hands and drizzle oil on my feet, as it drips down in-between my toes. I gently caress them, grabbing my left foot and loving grip and press the center sole, up to my toes, interlacing my fingers and squeezing up each toe. Sliding my feet together, I switch foot and give the same Love.

My Body still flowing and rhythmically moving to the sensual sounds of music. Such beautiful feet … softness, shape … I place both legs together and with both my hands touch both my feet slowly moving towards my ankles. How beautifully my ankles support how I stand. Slow and strong with each breathe I align gentle circles working up one leg using both my hands feeling my calf’s and to the other.

My skin glows and shines as the oil nourishes me as I roll and circle around my shins and calf’s increasing tempo. O’ how I crave in a firm hold caressing behind under my knees. Loving my lower legs moving and dancing my fingers on my legs. Song fades and tempo changes faster; yet soft, as I sway running my fingers up to above my knees and up my thighs … my beautiful thighs.

I sink in my fingers in my thighs and scratch up and back down to my knees, swirling my Body as my breathe creates an amorous sigh.

Along I go the length of my legs gripping … and clawing from my outer knee up the sides of my thighs … feeling my legs come alive in the most sensual way. I lick my lips from the sensation of energy pumping through and through my Body in a way I haven’t felt in so long. I dig deeper in, down my legs and squeeze my calf’s tracing my fingertips back up to my thighs plucking the tops of my thighs and run my fingers onto my belly clawing at my skin, gripping my flesh.

My Body is strong and soft and is just what I need. As I run my fingers down my lower back caress into my skin and softly touch my fingers back up. Loving my beautiful skin as each breathe pours sensation from belly from my Heart, around my Body and, I don’t dare to resist.

Rhythms leads me to listen to my Heartbeat as my hands are guided to my breasts, lovingly grabbing and holding and caressing them. I drizzle and pour more oil over my breasts and Heart as I slowly blend the oil into my skin. Nourishing … touching … my breasts feeling … my nipples sensation. I send goosebumps to my arms as I squeeze the tips of my nipples and gently twist and pull out.

I caress my arms one at a time gripping and twisting in an upward and downward motion and interlace my fingers bringing my arms together brushing up against the sides of my breasts as they slide together and apart. Soft sighs … my hand gently runs up my arms and grips the top of my shoulders releasing tension up to my neck as I slowly roll my neck with my grip … listening to the music and my breathe, rolling my shoulders back. I glide across my collarbone, and moan.

Tracing the back of my fingers up my neck to my ears gently rubbing my earlobes, I slide up and …

claw my fingers deep into my hair sending shivers from my scalp to my spine. My beautiful glowing flushed face and my beautiful eyes sparkle as I swirl my fingers deeply in my hair on my head. Down to my temples. My eyes close running a finger down to my lips … licking my lips as I gently touch the curves of my face, the shape of my nose, my soft nourished cheeks and draw to my jawline … my beautiful skin.


Worship this beautiful Body I do … again … and again… deeper and deeper my Body … is my Desire. My Love is my Need.

MAGNIFICENt Here & Now At the right time.

The work I do myself is not a Goal, it is an enjoyable lifetime Process. I choose to believe it is easy to change a thought or pattern. I RELEASE all old hurts and FORGIVE everyone including myself. I am Healthy and filled with Energy. I am WORTH Loving, I am SAFE and SECURE in my World. I let Love in. It is safe to let the Love in. I Pray, I Meditate what I want, and allow it to Happen. Healing is Wholeness and I Accept all parts of myselfAll of me. I am RADIANT.


I Love being Me.

take a nice deep breathe and release all resistance to Healing. I AM FREE TO LOVE WHO I AM. I feel good, and Joyful. I OPEN NEW DOORS TO LIFE.


Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.
The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil.
She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.
She riseth also while it is yet night, and giveth meat to her household, and a portion to her maidens.
She considereth a field, and buyeth it: with the fruit of her hands she planteth a vineyard.
She girdeth her loins with strength, and strengtheneth her arms.
She perceiveth that her merchandise is good: her candle goeth not out by night.
She layeth her hands to the spindle, and her hands hold the distaff.
She stretcheth out her hand to the poor; yea, she reacheth forth her hands to the needy.
She is not afraid of the snow for her household: for all her household are clothed with scarlet.
She maketh herself coverings of tapestry; her clothing is silk and purple.
Her husband is known in the gates, when he sitteth among the elders of the land.
She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness.
She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness.
Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her.
Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all.
Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a
Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates.
Proverbs 31: KJV

Ease and grace is not in the Delivery.  It is in how you choose to receive it. Some teach how to be Married, as some teach how to become Happy.

My Divine Mission is Activated, I am supported by the Universe to achieve my goals and even go beyond them. My Higher Self will guide my steps towards Divine Unfolding, Synchronicity and Alignments that are following my Heart Consciousness Journey. New Neurological pathways are formed and Electromagnetic impulses of Light are linking my Neurons from Brain & Heart until everything becomes this Inter-dimensional dance of Light, Sound and Color. My Soul, deep Awareness in Being. Living Energy, Frequency, Light, Source, free of density living the purpose of my Incarnation. I am ready to serve at the Highest and Elevate the Frequency of my existence beyond what I could ever imagine or thought is possible. Infinite realities precisely orchestrated by my Soul for Humanity through inner/outer fields of existence.

In our union with Nature; with Energy and Spirit, and in my union I come to See that we are that. Magick is what I already am – within. Magnifying with the words of my own Powerful Tongue, Deep Listening to Thoughts, Frequencies, Belief, Intention and Action. My Soul, placing in a Frequency Reality that is contributing to Evolution and Ascension from all Guidance and Precision of my Heart.

May we have the courage to slay a Million illusions and say “no thanks” to a Hundred more shoulds.

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.
Philippians 4:8 KJV

The Bloom

THE SOIL & WATER: Core Beliefs & Moral Development

Character traits and Core Beliefs will be generated and set the ground for the development and formation of Ethical Principles, Truths and Values, defining corresponding Behaviors. As a child ages and has “more experiences”, these Principles can shift or solidify. Moral Development evolves in the Pre-Adolescent years when the child’s Cognitive Development matures. In this age of reason, a greater Understanding of Right Conduct and Virtuous Behavior occurs.



Play, Family’ Routines, Work, Stories, Values & Boundaries.

  1. Healthy Attachment
  2. A Moral Compass
  3. Social & Emotional Skills
  4. Progression Development



Discovery, Exploration, Sampling, Projects & Transitioning into Scholarly Learning.

  1. Solidfy a Love of Learning
  2. Time & Inspiration for Exploration
  3. Discover Unique Abilities to Deeper Scholarship



Meaningful Challenges, Rigorous Study, Books & Social Community.

  1. Self-Leadership
  2. Learning HOW to Think
  3. Developing Unique Abilities
  4. Commitments & Challenges



Real World Adventures, Expressing Self for Communication, Continuing Education & Accountability.

  1. World Adventures
  2. Meaningful Relationships
  3. Express Unique Abilities
  4. Self Reliance & Accountability



Real World Adventures, Presenting Service

  1. Creating A Loving Home
  2. Creating Value In The World
  3. Engaging Socially, Environmentally, & Physically
  4. Taking Full Responsibility & Accountability


THE PETALS (Ages 51+)

  1. Sharing Abundance
  2. Sharing Generational Family Mentorship
  3. Personal Renaissance
  4. Freedom of Self

Bathe in Sacred held Creation,
unending Love
& Deep Devotion.

Valuable and Worthy.
Lovable and Loved and easy to Love.
My Commitments and my Commitments to Self, Neva Giv’n up.
Worthy of Health and Wholeness.
Choosing Happiness,
Happy & having a Happy Life.
Trust’n Self in Trustworthy Abundance, Wealthy in Wealth.
Strong, Brave and Courageous.
Forgiv’n Self for the hurt I have caused others as I do for the hurt caused to me.
Respect n’ Protect.
Having Healthy Boundaries, Adventures, Travel and Fun with Self-Compassion and Grace.

I am Proud and Honor Self.
Kind and Worthy of Sacrifice and Celebration.
Kindness and Tenderness,
Present in this Moment,
Grateful for this Moment.
I am the Treasure and the Prize.
Comfortable in my own skin,
Loving and Liking who I am.

Thank you

for everything I’ve done to get me to where I am Today. I am where my feet are, and exactly where I am supposed to be. I can not wait to be acquainted and meet all of the new parts of myself. And continue to embark on this Life together.

Prayers to the Heaven,
Love Notes to the Stars,

LISTENING and taking ACTIONS inspired by my SOUL I place my frequency in reality contributing to EVOLUTION and ASCENSION.
I embody Freedom and Expansiveness by exploring the Infinite potential of my Soul, listening and following the guidance and the precision of my Heart. The choices I make Today is placing me either in past-present; listening to my mind and placing my Body living in the past or future-present; listening to my Soul and my Inner- Visionary allowing my Body chemistry changes into future memory.

Grace to the Ether,
Remember Who You Are.

The person who comes, will always be the right person. Because no one would enter my life by chance. The only thing that could happen would always happen. Because nothing, that happened in my life could have been otherwise, even the smallest detail, because everything was so I could learn and grow. It’s not by chance because if something is in my hands Today, it’s because I am prepared to hold it.


Looking at Masculine reflection in my reality with so much Love, Honor and Kindness. Masculine safe, protective, loving, giving, holding and supportive.
The King always there never left.


Your will to PROVIDE means the world. NEVER feel like your presence isn’t appreciated. There is NOTHING LIKE AN ACTIVE FATHER, DAD & PARTNER. You bring security, reassurance, guidance and so much more …. so hold your head HIGH TODAY & ALWAYS because it’s HARD!

In Unity I Respect & Lovefor existance & all its Creations

I radiate causeless Love.
Created by becoming Love and my Actions speak Love.
Overflowing I share.
My Love; is a Flower that blooms deep within my Being, sending and sharing sweet fragrance.
My Love is a Healing gesture of Love.
In ever Living Presence I care.
Everyday I channel this Energy healing myself and others.
Loves expression clears My   Soul  My   Mind    My   Body.


Life with Love in my Heart  I   allow   Love   in.

Love is Being.

The contours of Life is the grandeur Beauty of Being.

The Gift

Give ear, O’ my people, to my law: incline your ears to the words of my mouth. I will open my mouth in a parable: I will utter dark sayings of old: Which we have heard and known, and our fathers have told us. We will not hide them from their children, shewing to the generation to come the praises of the Lord, and his strength, and his wonderful works that he hath done. For he established a testimony  that they should make them known to their children: That the generation to come might know them, even the children which should be born; who should arise and declare them to their children: That they might set their hope in God, and not forget the works of God, but keep his commandments.


and fed according to the integrity of Heart; and guided by the skilfulness of hands.

Give unto the Lord, O ye mighty, give unto the Lord Glory and Strength. Give unto the Lord the Glory due unto thee names; worship the Lord in the Beauty of Holiness.
The voice of the Lord is upon the waters: the God of Glory thundereth: the Lord is upon many waters. The voice of the Lord is powerful; the voice of the Lord is full of majesty. Maketh Joyful like a young unicorn divideth the flames of fire. The Lord will give Strength unto; the Lord will Bless with Peace.


and Happiness to those I care about. Today is a Gift and a Blessing. Today and Each day, Love is with me, Protecting me.

Today i am NOURISHED

I am at a Peaceful place in Life where I am both Beautiful and Wise.
I bring Life and Light to every place,
creating sweetens and abundant season,
I Harness and Flow.
I am Magick.
Full of Promise and Full of Life.

I was made to do this. I trust my Body and my Heart to know what to do.
I wear my Crown and I am surrounded by Love and Support.
Each moment brings me closer to Karmic connection.

I am present.
I am fierce and flexible.
My baby trusts me, and I trust this process.
My body is the strength I need.

It’s okay to have a plan, and it’s okay if that plan needs to change. My Life is Beautiful, no matter how it happens. 

I am resilient and I can do this. 
Today is exactly the right time, in exactly the right way. I am a Moment fulfilling my purpose by starting right here, right now. 

I ask for help if I need it.
Today is, and I have the rest of my Life to be; forward.

I am my comfort, no matter what.
I create and sustain Life.
I am enough.


It is amazing what I can do.
I am doing what is best.
Today, my reasons are important and my choice is valid.

Fruits & Merits

The Flowers, the Incense, Grains, Spices and Honey offered in ritual are made of the same Divine substance as you.
Who than is worshipped?

The sunlight shines on my face, a gentle breeze caressing my skin, and the birds’ symphony enlivens me … 

My body energy pulses through breathing deep fully Awakening my body with pleasure Divine.
I feel an overflowing Love that is authentic and vulnerable sparking my Soul. 

Purposefully I infuse all that I do, effortlessly speaking my boundaries and desires in all forms of richness of Life and Sensations.


Getting a call when I have had a rough Day, just to make me laugh. Being held and held longer into the morning light. Delicate kisses in just the right places, were it is just where I needed it most. Holding hands in public, hearing I am Wanted and being shown how much I am Desired. Being deeply intimate with myself and another.

Raw and unfiltered Heart, Words, Passion and Action, just experiencing every moment as is.


Playfulness is a pathway to sacredness, I drop into the wisdom of my Heart and creative energy within my Belly … feeling … expression, as if spontaneous unscripted … awareness. I emerge and divine nectar flows and nourish me.
See my Heart is the ultimate Healer. My healthy Heart energizes my Mind, Body and Soul with a peaceful presence. Dissolving Fear and Doubt into Compassion and Confidence to my TRUE INNER ESSENCE.

My Heart is my Healer, resting with faith in the inevitable blossoming of my Soul. Yes I Embrace! trusting the courage through personal growth and spiritual awakening.


I am confidence and I empower my commitment to creative healing. Yes, there may be challenges yet I move through them remaining open to receive blessings.
This fruition this sacred endurance is meaningful purpose and meaningful values. My inner JOY and PEACE.


My Soul grounding like the roots of a plant needs Earth to RISE towards the light, and BLOOM sweet fruits from my Head to Heart to Belly supporting my foundation of my precious human body.
This Love, my Divine Love, is my soul receiving and radiating. Mmm … my rhythms, my Soul rhythms, intuitively knowing when to relax, when to push, when to surrender and when to take the initiative.


My light within is Strong. It cannot be extinguished or controlled. Yes! my Energy, my vibration, my Soul, is COMPASSION, is CREATIVITY, is FREEDOM.
My light is Powerful. My light is the source of Wisdom, Love and Peace within my Heart.


Secure my Soul in pathways so that Energies of my Soul can flow in the directions that are Healthy, Healing and Honor my Heart. I say Yes! to my own Healing and Fulfillment.
I set healthy boundaries in my realm of responsibility, I claim my own voice. I claim my capacity to express myself in firm unwavering intention. My Love, determines what I accept and creates Compassion for others without abandoning my own.


Sacred refuge to be Lovingly held, and realize I am not alone. There is so much spiritual support, encouragement and reassurance, and I am worthy to receive it.

My Faith is my refuge always available, and I empower my belonging to truly loving Family and meaningful life Purpose of Graceful Love in this world.


My Magick is unique, my soul gift responds to life with creativity and playfulness, depth and reverence.
My Magick is the energy of my consciousness, that I radiate from my Heart.

My Magick lights up.
My Magick plays,
and expressions Strengthens inner Resilience and Compassion.
My Magick THRIVES! in my Heart.
My Magick knows when to nourishes, reserve and restore.
My Magick is, and within, my Soul.




My Rhythm is unique and perfect for me. My Gratitude, My Surrender and My Trust emerges, moves and flows.
Today I accept, in no judgment natural energies of Love.
Today My unique Rhythm, My body listens to the heartbeat of Earth.
In this moment, of solitude comfort serves naturally and amplifies my Love and My Pleasure Spiritually, Physically, Psychologically and Emotionally.
Today is this beautiful Natural Rhythm.

I connect with my Rhythm. Mmm … I let my body dictate instead of my mind and I enjoy my release guided by my Awareness inside. My inner world draws deep within finding this incredible openness and vastness all around me. In front of me and behind me. Above me and below me. To the left of me and the right me.

My beautiful SPICE said SWEETNESS, so open connecting to the Universe, the GRAIN and SALT nurturing exists within. So much is, and emanating from all around Today. My BEAUTY, my LIGHT, is a beautiful nuances of tone and vibration, like the warmth glowing bright star from the Sun flooding through and around, shimmering beautifully and vibrantly like the Moon FULLNESS and CLOSENESS. Comfortable in dark shades protected and secure in the lights shades.

I am held with the flow of energy between all ends. Nothing is asked of me, and my Body my Energy, is NATURAL.
From my warmth and security all the energies gather like Twinkling Stars in the Night and in the Sun Nourishing me Today.

Today I flow Spiritually, Physically, Psychologically and Emotionally.
My Energy Today is Stronger and more Luminous on all levels
… mmm … vibrating my Rhythms.
My Hope, my Optimism, Today brings Joy and purpose opening new ideas and solutions.

Ooo … Today my Energy Moves … tickling and managing, EMANATES and REVIVES.



Zodiac Path & Journey


The Aries path moves in a very beautiful expression of motivating hands on positive energy shifts to less doing and more being. Aries higher vibration brings out the brilliance of the Mind. Aries is and carries the spark of Creation Light of Light itself. Aries Life Force energy brings the physical World and Human higher consciousness Mind access through deep listening, appreciation, inspiration and innovation life. Aries communication is with your awakening Higher Self, rather than creation through the analytical thinking process. Aries is the first step of the Soul journey and comes forth with enthusiasm and conviction. This is the energy to tap into when new projects are being birthed.


The Taurus path moves the sensual pleasures of Loves blacksmith of the Gods. Taurus earthly existence is just delicious. Taurus delightful journey is of enjoying existence and fulfilling all the senses. Taurus energy rises qualities Honored with Intention to bring more Beauty, Art & Creation into the Material World for all to Love. Taurus strong ability to see clearly from the Third Eye brings Dream creation & Ether into tangible existence. This clear connection with Light is the balancing force between the Feminine-Masculine polarities where power lies in the materializing.


The Gemini path moves traditional Messenger in higher forms of Loves mature Harmony through understanding the Light journey in interplay of Spirit & Matter and Mind & Heart. Gemini builds the bridge of communication through meditation, heartfelt service to humanity and academic softness in understanding and willingness in inquiry.


The Cancer path leads the emotional waves to the Mystic and Deep cosmic oneness & Compassion. Illusions, fears and narrow perspective are dissolved in deep Trust of everything being one, so there is no need for contraction. Cancers curious journey is in discovering surrender, safety and Magick of Cosmic creation.


The Leo path is lit throughout Esoteric journey. Brilliant energy depends on Leos’ choice of how this energy exist in the World. Leo insists on allowing the expression of the authentic Esoteric self to shine through fine-tunes and connections of the Light  through an individual Spirit self.


The path of Virgo leads traditional Mind to higher foundations for purification of Mind, Body and Soul. Virgo esoteric Soul journey is in the Womb. The path of Virgo is to purify and nurture the self and oneness through deepest realization of ones’ impact and responsibility of Care and Service towards oneself and others.


The path of Libra leads traditional teachings of Love & Relationships to higher forms of  Beauty & Heart. Libra sees the Beauty in merger with patient Harmony for specific union. Libras journey for oneself is to exist in radical Honesty & Honor creating harmony with one another from harmony within. Libra esoterically emphasizes the important need of choosing a balance relationship for a solid foundation to allow expansion of consciousness into quantum leaps of enlighten Magick.


The Scorpio path leads from deep healing in positive growth through intense Shadow work. Scorpio journey is of Devotion & Discipleship to look deeply into all the depths of one’s own psyche and being to emerge from the Shadows into victorious Light. In depth and skill Scorpio, is able to hold another through from the bottomless subconscious collective, successfully.


The Sagittarius path leads the active Abundance and gives back to Earth, in Divine timing. Sagittarius Earth Soul journey is one of curiosity, vision and philanthropy choosing the fire of Wisdom and Optimism through reflections of Earthly quantum in Love and Acceptance.


The Capricorn path leads the disciplinary and sometimes punitive Light to the Wise through all the challenges, obstacles and failures. Capricorn decisions are for Earth to teach humanity not to go through all the pitfalls and trials. Capricorns initiatory Light journey shines through teaching from self maturing and endurable energy experiences accepting with fierce Compassion and Love.


The Aquarius path leads unique full acceptance in its quirkiness of true free Spirit celebration in all its rebellious and radical  self-love expressional glory. Aquarius energy of the Soul reliefs resistance allowing unity through diversity. Aquarius leads the pioneering journey of overflowing encompassing oneness embrace through deep Honoring of boundaries of the chosen individuality.


The Pisces path leads deep Dreamy Soul journey with sensitivity to human suffering emerging the sacrificial Love and creative Light. Pisces cosmic nurturing creates a natural environment of Trust in Loving Masculine energy in nurturing & supporting steady boundaries of the Feminine Energy.


The starry Heavens of the Cosmic Womb. The black of my Womb. The point through which all is truly seen and birthed into form. As a Blessing, I destroy unhealthy patterns, and release burdens, old wounds and heartache that opens the space for re-birth anchored in my ESSENCE, my POWER and my TRUTH.

I allow Magick and inner Wisdom and guidance from my Ancestors and Spirit Realms. Life and Death merge the seen and unseen Commune. 

Magick is the keeper of the Cauldron of Knowledge illuminating illusions and support my shadows. My Desires transform Happiness and Success.

Magick offers honest declarations of what can be released and what inspires.

I tend to fires and flames of transformation Prayer and Love, to End and Beginning, still creation Begins Anew.

Magick vessel Embodiment and Mind, Sacred Temples of Spirit Knowledge in-to Wisdom. My Devotional Heart, Dreaming Womb and Visionary Mind, bring forth Lineage.

Magick seeds, I lovingly conceived emerge and grow stirring what is to come and enjoy. Magick supports and beckons – birthing work of dreams creative practices & ritual.

Magick is the Ocean and cosmic Spirit. My Heart is a Harmonious energy and Magick welcomes all needed to be acquired for clear path to be revealed for greatest outcome.
Magick is Trust in my intuition and inner wisdom as choices are connected to the Divine Plan of Soul’s incarnation.
Magick is Protection and the Sacred Guardians.

My Energy is connection to the High Heart, Intuition. My Oracular Knowing and my Magick is Shamanic Death and potent Transformation. Beloved depth, Divine tenderness Whole and Holy embrace, Empower and Nourish.

Magick Blessings,
Magick Power,
Magick Unify,
Magick Work.
Resurrect Desires & Dreams,
creation Birth.
Blossoming forth, Bud and Bloom.
Magick Marriage of Heaven and Earth,
Day and Night,
and of the Masculine and Feminine.
Purify and Transcends marry me.
Magick revives and merges Earth and Heaven.


My Magick reclaims illumination and revelation of my Soul Self, choosing to express and enliven through the entirety of my Being.
I enrich Incarnation.
My Wisdom of my Blood lines, My Heritage and My Ancestry. 

Magick is deep treasures held within lifetimes of the generations re-igniting  encoded Gifts & Wisdom, clearing trauma in generational lines and profound grounding.

Magick is moments to be and engage in Ritual, to deeply receive like Golden Truth drinking the morning dew from flowers and igniting bonfires releasing what no longer serves.
Magick is Devotional Service.

My Magick is Rich.
Magick is bountiful Abundance.
My Magick amplifies and my visions expand into clarity.
My Magick Will,
in the World.
My Will, My Divine and My Personal Desire
My Magick.