We review your Health History, discuss present Needs, and Blueprint out your Health. Together, we design daily Practice that fits your Lifestyle and meets you where you’re at. This Blueprint includes Food, Herbs, Body-care, Breath, Movement and Meditation. You can expect personalized care throughout our work together. We meet for Treatment sessions to implement your plan and follow-up improving your Well-being toward Positive Practices. Each step of the way, you’ll have Accountability and Support.

Be sure to Bring:
1 Yoga Mat, 1 Yoga Straps & 2 Yoga Blocks
1 Thick Blanket & 1 Yoga Pillow
2 Active Wear/Yoga Clothing
1 White or Gold Ceremonial Outfit
1 Journal
1 Note Pad & Pen
1 Water Container & Dry Towel
Yoga Teacher Manual (will be provided)


The Academy is a 6 week Spiritual based program that is designed to Deepen your Connection to Earths Rhythms and Venusian Teachings heightening your sense of Divine Love and Self Awareness. The Academy is home to any and all Beings who are willing to hold themselves accountable in the Energy of Presence in the Vibrant Creation of Awakening Spiritual Ascension and Physical Transcendence. The Academy is into two Modules.

Understand the fundamentals of Energy in Yogic Philosophy & Knowledge and how it manifests in each Practice. You will learn how to identify your own Energy, Protect it and Transmute it. Introducing Shatkarmas (Cleansing Practices), Asanas (Posture), Chakras, Mudras, Pranayamas (Breathing Techniques), Meditation and Mantras. Each session will hold time for 1:1 Mentoring as well as Practice. 

Receive Daily and Hourly Treatment and Care with a curated Practice to guide you through Service. Receiving 28 days of Yogasana, Pranayama, Meditation, Ayurvedic Philosophy & Knowledge, Anatomy & Physiology within Deeper Healing Cleansing Practices (Shatkarma, Panchakarma and various Ayurvedic Therapies).


– Beginning Ceremony with a gentle Exfoliation preparing the Body for Rhythmic, warm oil aromatherapy. Guiding you into Movements to Strengthen while Stretching our Physical Body and deepening you in Meditation and playful Purity. Gently embody and release in a Radiant state.
Ceremony may: Decouple Triggers, Clear/Re-balance your Energy & Auric Energy, Extract/Cord-cut unhelpful Energies, Journeying advice from Spirit to aid & facilitate shifts, Soul Retrieval, Spiritual Rebirth, Destiny Retrieval, Rites of Passage, Energetic Power & Protection, Rites of the Womb, Spirit Flight, and Ancestral Work.

– Tuning into your frequencies as we listen for a moment, as we hear our Souls’ sound, expressing our Souls’ voice. Opening your Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Auric field Gracing you to your Light, Clearing and aiding Energetic detoxification to your Grail of Wisdom.
Includes: Tea, Smudging, Aromatherapy and Shiatsu.

– Mindfulness Speech and Thought through Expressing your emotions with clarity deepen in with guided Intuitive Meditation and Pranayama.


Details provided upon Retreat.



6am  7:30am – Morning Practice and Circadian Sunrise Yoga
7:30  8am – Breakfast
8am  11am – Yoga Education
– Morning Freshly Squeezed Juice
1pm – Lunch
– 4 hours after treatments enjoy the evening in Holy Presence.
5pm Yoga Philosophy
6pm  7pm – Sunset Circadian Yoga
7pm  – Dinner – Prepare Meal Plan
9pm – Prepare for Rest in Night Practice –
Guided Meditation


6am – 7:30am – Morning Practice and Circadian Sunrise Yoga
6:30am – First round of Herbal supplements
7:30 – 8am – Breakfast and any liquid Herbal supplements to be taken with meals
8am – 11am – Your choice of Santosa, Akasha or Raja Healing Treatments
– Morning Freshly Squeezed Juice
1pm – Lunch and any liquid Herbal supplements to be taken with meals
– 4 hours after treatments enjoy the evening in Holy Presence.
4pm – Second round of Herbal supplements
6pm – 7pm – Sunset Circadian Yoga
7:30pm – Prepare Meal Plan and any herbal supplements to be taken with meals
– Opportunity to attend an Education session or guided Meditation
9pm – Prepare for Rest in Night Practice


Movement Monday – Vinyasa Flow
Tantalizing Tuesday – Self Massage
Whine Down Wednesday – Restorative Flow
Tantric Thursday – Yin Flow incl. Tantric Education & Affirmations
Fierce Friday – Sensual Flow
Serene Saturday – Hatha Flow
Solar Sunday – Meditation and Pranayama


  1. Tongue Scrape
  2. Brush Teeth
  3. Oil Pull
  4. Nasal Oil & Meditation
  5. Shower/Bath
  6. Exfoliation/Dry
  7. BrushingCleanser
  8. Rose Water Toner
  9. Vitamin E Serum
  10. Hyaluronic Acid
  11. Moisturizer
  12. Sunscreen
  13. Lip Balm


  1. Tongue Scrape
  2. Brush Teeth
  3. Oil Pull
  4. Shower/Bath
  5. Cleanser Balm
  6. Mild Cleanser
  7. Glycolic Acid Toner
  8. Serum
  9. Hyaluronic & Rosehip Oil
  10. Moisturizer
  11. Spot Treatment
  12. Warm Beverage
  13. Dry Brushing
  14. Self Oil Massage


$7,000 Tuition
$3,550 Private Room and Meals
$2,673 Core Program and Commuter Fee EARLY SPECIAL of $275 off Tuition by applying 2 months prior
Attendance Deposit of $550 which includes NON refundable $200

Cash, Visa, Checks & Gift Certificates.
Cashapp: $asap424