You are on a Beautiful blossomed Flower, Your Legs are folded, your Wrists are rested gently on your Knees, Palms facing upward, the tip of your left Index Finger is touching the tip of your left Thumb. The same is true of your right Hand. Upright, Chin parallel with your Flower. There is a very Powerful warm Light over your Head, Healing, Cleansing, Powerful Light. From this Light you bring a ray of Light
down until it touches the top of your Head to your Crown giving a Purple glow, Opening your Mind and all the Cosmic Wonders.
The ray of Light continues moving down just a little lower, down to the level of your Eyebrows illuminating your Inner Eye giving off an Indigo glow you clearly see the future, easily and effortlessly.
This Healing, Cleansing, Powerful light continues moving down through your Body,
down to the level of your Throat giving a Silvery Blue glow reminding you only to speak positive about yourself and your possibilities.
This Healing, Powerful, Cleansing Light continues moving down. Now all the way down to the level of your Heart clearing and giving a Golden glow. Opening your Heart to the idea of giving and receiving Love. Opening your Heart to loving yourself and always caring and taking care of yourself.
This Healing, Cleansing, Powerful Light moves a little lower now down to the level of your Solar Plexus illuminating and giving a Red glow. The Light continues moving down to the center of your Belly, giving Rainbows of colors. Blessing, Clearing, building your Natural and Spiritual Immunity, protecting you.
This Healing, Cleansing Powerful Light settles now at your Womb giving a Red and Orange glow. As Now all the colors of all the glows are together, clear. Allow this Rainbow Light to flow freely from
one to another,
moving downward from,
Head to Toe all the way to your Womb.
I invite your Pure Intentions and immense Personal Power, your Compass.
Allow this moving Healing Light at your Womb to slowly … even slower … move all the way to the top of your Head.
Feel this Energy flowing through your Body …
Now this Energy reaches the top of your Head allow this Light and Energy to slowly move in Front of your Body,
down through the center of your Body.
As the Light and Energy reaches your Womb in your Temple …

Birthing your Womb through Rooting down unique Blossoming deepest within.
I warmly invite you to breathe and carry through profound indulging held, seen, touched, and exquisite worshiped undulating Enchantments.
Unwind in beckoning


melting into … baptized … Fullness.
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What better way than to be in Peace than being as one in Love. The definition lays at rest to what one is, as being content with and also without. Joy is contentment, simply meaning Accepting and Appreciating what we have, and what we are already, and moving forward from there, without relying on things that are external to bring Freedom, because inevitably furthers self discontentment.

Desire is the real enemy of the embodied Soul, since it is never satisfied, and burns like fire. True happiness comes from contentment with Love, not with thinking that one will be happy when one gets all that one Desires.

For example most live daily life as business and often separate the Joy of Peace in order to fulfill obligational duties. This is not to say there is no satisfaction within Peace, however it is not always classified as Joy. For example, What we do to survive may not be what motivates us to do acts of Gratitude, as Gratitude is in alignment to what personally humbles oneself for furthering universal virtues, in similar to caring. Love is about actively cultivating Appreciation of what we already have in simplicity to being Joyfully content.

Love, is where it is an eternal connection to the Soul. Love is not equivalent to “busyness” thinking like “next step” – how we can make it “better” or “more stable” however with simply natural continuation of Loves’ Internal Intimacy and Power.

Through, Awareness and Mindful Acceptance keeping the balance between the Desire to Learn, and Grow while Honoring and absorbing the benefits in difficult and all   times. What will be will find a way, for what is meant for, will come in form, in courage to change what can be.

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