Morning mist, a brush of wings,
A tinkling bell, and tender sighs
You are nearby.
A gentle breeze, as palms sway,
You are here and on the way.
Footprints in the evening dew,
Close to you.
A ring, sometimes puffs of clouds,
sing a song.
We have begun.
Beloved by sweets, silence in night starry sky.
You are always tomorrow.
My Love.

Depths & Dreams


Evening time,


Stars shine above your head,
Twinkling light of the night,
Across sky’s the Moon will go,
Sweet dreams of your dreams so,
May spirits heal, and lift your heart, and smiles bring happiness bright into morning light.

Quiet! Now
Into the blankets.
not a thing to do,
in feather clouds upon winged ones watching o’er you.

The Rain had rained and the Sun shone fair, glittered dewdrops everywhere.
Sun-kissed the sea in morning delight, upon morning Moonlight.
May this kiss be like the Sun as the Moon shone waves over you and on,
a Goodnight til morning dawn.

Noon to Noon
Pink golden to silver milked Moon,
Cradle to sleep we shall soon.
Beaming twinkles of shimmering light, stardust dance in our sight.
Like little Fairies in mist,
kiss our head and heart to bed.


“All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.”

Today was blessed, now lay to rest.
Close your eyes listen to your heart, tomorrow brings a new start.
Love so wide and deep that in peace, you will sleep.
Drift away on rainbow sky,
sparkling jewels,
enchanted forest,
where all children fly.
Sway with trees, play in streams, swim below sea, beam though galaxies, and dance with natures melodies.

“If you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true.”


Worlds wonder,


Upon butterflies where wings
flutter at ease,
on Dreamer dreams.

Soar across Stardust,
over the Moon,
and above the stars.
Look at you go.
Anything your heart desires,
will come to you,
I know.
If your heart is in your dream,
when you wake up,
it’s a new World seen.
From your head to your toes,
You’re so sweet, goodness knows,
You will grow,
in merry mirth,
Because you are
my heaven and earth.

Brighter and Brighter,
than ever before.
Twinkle even more.
Ahh paradise,
now close your eyes.
Dream dear goodnight,
Everything is alright.

Wherever may be.
Over the strange woods,
Over the sea,
Over spirits on the wings,
Over every drowsy thing.


“La la lu, La la lu, Oh, my little star sweeper, I’ll sweep the stardust for you, La la lu, La la lu, Little soft fluffy sleeper, Here comes a pink cloud for you, La la lu, La la lu, Little wandering angel, Fold up your wings, close your eyes, La la lu, La la lu, And may love be your keeper, La la lu, La la lu, La la lu, There now, little star sweeper, Dream on.”

Hear that,
Alittle tune,
There goes the sun and blue moon,
Goodbye good afternoon.
Baby buttercup, look up
Still breeze, shimmer leaves,
Alittle tune,
Boombap doo
Good dreams to you.

“My dream wouldn’t be complete without you in it.” 

Darling you are my Sun, my Moon & my Stars.