Our Heart Our Soul Holding One Another

The sweet of Mercy savoring nothing to be enough. From the whispering and rushing of Rivers and Oceans.

Guard thine Heart to reconcile sorrow, and Hope all yee tomorrow. Ye Love for thine contentment. Thee speaking thou still thinking; up closer, back further, spaced between. Thy closer, than thy appear. Watch as I watch ye. Thine mirror are closer, than thou appear.

We grow as one sing forever lasting strong un-wheel present desire. For gentle Respect. Awoke one another to be Ancestral & Cherubim young.

Honey Pearls Sweet
Golden brown bitters allies dance.
Handful of treasure of sensuality and free admiralty.
For Family hand in hand.

Thou always was, Thou always will, Thou always am.
What one Loves what one values through Devotion & Destiny Eternal Health.

Memory a savory Modicum, to thine touch.
Truer Love Our Destiny & Dearly Beloved.

Angels’ sing
Within our Heart is not the only one we carry.

Charming rather formal besides there are so much more. This Family Moon and Sun, it is not enough merely to exist.

Vulnerability and Closeness.

Let not my exterior behoove. Life can only be understood backwards but lived forward.